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Time to bid and win a unit of Mont Residence luxury condominium

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Banner with ContactThis is an event for Penang property market. Especially for those who believe Penang is moving in the right direction and Singapore is a good moving benchmark for the long term where the property market is concerned. For this particular event, I think one of the most important reason to drop by the Penang Property Essentials 4-in-1 is to BID and win. I understand that this LIVE BID will start from a price which will not happen again. Take a look at the image for more information. The auctioneer is my good friend, Stephen Soon and if he says it’s a great deal, it will be a great deal.

img-20160602-wa0017.jpgBeyond just this LIVE BID event, the organisers have lined up many established speakers too. Take a look at the image for more information. The Feng Shui Master Mak Foo Weng sat beside me in a dinner before and I like the way he is able to present Feng Shui in an easy to understand manner. He will speak about the winning formula in choosing the perfect house with good health and prosperity. Another friend, Mortgage Guru Miichael Yeoh will tell you how to make the bank say YES to you! Next is a fellow property site ‘adventurer’ cum good friend Ken Lim who will be touching on how Penangites are shifting towards Lifestyle Investment. Ryan Thong representing PropertyGuru would then share about Penang’s Property Market Outlook. Last but not least, Ms. Teoh Hoay Ying would share with us the What Ifs in Estate Planning.

Due to the venue limitation, this seminar is limited to 100 tickets only! RSVP now before it is too late!” Just call the following numbers or email for tickets. 016 – 412 6586, 016 – 419 3313 or email I think this Event is worth visiting. Happy bidding, winning and learning for future investments.

written on 6 June 2016

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