Choices, choices, choices, really.

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Cost of living is increasing. I would not want to deny this. However, for those who are earning more than the typical Malaysians, there are choices, really. I wanted to get a Mocca Latte Ice because it was a hot day a few days ago. There were two choices. Either at Library Cafe or Krispy Kreme. One was at RM13 and another was only at RM11. Guess which I chose? Well, I did ask the barista, ‘is your mocca latte’ better than the one over there?’ He told me that he would make mine better than the one over there. He added one extra shot of coffee for FREE. Haha. Choices plus a bit of persuasion. It works, most of the time.

img20160519132205.jpgAnyway, while I was waiting, I saw a RM9 cola. Take a look at the image. One would be the usual Coca-Cola which is world famous. Another one is a brand that I have never heard of but from the packaging and the price, I would believe it to be a premium brand. So, which one do you think people would choose? Well, if I am alone, I would take the usual but if I happen to be with someone I wanted to impress, I would try out the RM9 Cola instead. Oh yeah, if I am alone, I would venture into the supermarket next door instead because a can of Coca-Cola would not exceed RM2.

These choices do not only exist for beverages but for many things that we intend to buy. In fact even properties! There are lots of expensive branded and new properties but there are also many cheaper alternatives which are less favoured perhaps because it’s old, it’s further away and there’s no mall in the vicinity. For those areas everyone loves, is already fully valued, just like blue chip stocks. The key is to know what are good enough but not many people wanted it yet. Happy choosing.

written on 23 May 2016

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2 thoughts on “Choices, choices, choices, really.”

    • Hahaha… Seldom drink Coke. I prefer Latte without any sugar instead. Every morning, I start with instant coffee plus milk instead. You too, stay healthy!


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