Phuket for the Chinese investors? Pretty real to me.

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1463292717248.jpgPhuket as a property destination? Possibly. I just came back from Phuket after short family vacation. It was my second trip. My 3.5 year old daughter enjoyed it so much that in the plane on the way home to Malaysia, she said, ‘tomorrow we go Phuket again, ok?’ I laughed and told her we can enjoy the swimming pool in my condominium first until our next trip.While I was there, everywhere I went I would encounter Chinese (China) tourists (from the Mandarin they speak, I know). From the restaurants that I had lunch to dinners to seafood dinner in Banzaan, they were all around me. I would say many are also far richer than me from the plates of lobsters on their table.

img20160514155002.jpgToday, I read about news that Phuket is viewed as a lifestyle and investment destination by property buyers from China.  According to Charles Pittar, CEOof Juwai.com, the interest in property from Chinese buyers will increase substantially. The full article is here. He said, “The past 12 months have seen strong growth in Chinese interest in Phuket, which they have really only discovered in big numbers during the last couple of years.” An amazing number was then quoted. The overseas real estate investment from Chinese grew from US$5 billion in 2010 to US$52 billion in 2014. ONLY over a period 4 years! By the end of the decade, the number is expected to balloon to US$220 billion.

img-20160515-wa0035.jpgOne thing stands out. Everywhere in Phuket is made for tourists. From international shows called Fantasea to riding elephants to temples and the never ending stretches of beaches and last but not least lots of great food. I love Thai food a lot. Oh yeah, I managed to buy many good quality cotton T-shirts for just RM18 and it’s buy 10, free 1. I could not even get such prices in Jakarta, Malaysia and definitely not Singapore. Seriously, Phuket can be a very good place to relax and do nothing. I stayed in a small boutique hotel which was extremely well managed by two Europeans. I think Phuket can attract everyone, easily.

1463322557739.jpgYes, I think I will be back sometime in the future. I jokingly told my wife that we can get a place in Phuket and I can drop by anytime. She reminded me that the beaches in Sabah are far nicer and less touristy. I have to agree because she’s my wife. Haha. However, for those who wants to feel the vibrancy of this island, it’s just a flight away and Phuket International Airport can still take in more visitors too. Happy travelling and buying.

written on 20 May 2016

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