An attractive ‘home sweet home’ a family should consider

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I think majority of kopiandproperty.com readers would have already read about my personal opinions when it comes to distance, duration and favourite areas. All of these require balancing between wants, needs and value. In other words, prioritization. With my small family, I look forward to reaching home to a hug from my daughter and a smile from my son, everyday. After dinner, I could go out for a brisk walk or a jog in a safe environment. When my daughter is old enough, she could jog beside me. We could meet some friends from the neighbourhood along the way. Every few days, we would drop by a neighbourhood supermarket for groceries. I seriously believe life should not only be work, work and more work. Of course, if we are over-stretching ourselves to buy properties in the many hotspots today, we may have no choice but to work harder or even getting a second job.

nilai1Are we able to be very honest with what we want to have versus what we could afford comfortably? As they say, if we stay further away, it should be cheaper. Whether it would be better is debatable and depends on the overall environment of the place we actually stay. The closer the home is to the office, it should be more expensive as everyone hates losing their precious time in travelling. Let’s look at the travelling time then. Conservatively, I assume everyone spends 30 minutes of average travelling time per day to reach their working place. The right question is, how prepared are we to extend an extra 10 minutes of travelling time daily and gain a few more big extras which these days seem impossible in the usual hotspots within the Klang Valley? What about the prospect of staying in a planned freehold township, within a guarded environment surrounded by lots of greenery, space and landscaped lakes? Actually, kite flying every weekend is possible too.

nilai2There is one worth serious consideration. The project is Nilai Impian by an established developer, Sime Darby Property. It’s a freehold township of 1,808 acres built for garden living with lots of nature-inspired luxury. I say luxury because many of the following would not be available in developments which has less space. They include landscaped lakes, open parks and friendly features like pedestrian walkways, bicycle paths and playgrounds.

nilai3You can view in Nilai Impian’s website but quoting just one example, its Azalea 24 x 74 sq ft linkhouse starts from just RM614,000. It’s cheaper than majority of all the 1,000 sq ft condos in the usual hotspots within the Klang Valley. What if one has to travel to and fro KL for work on a daily basis? Referring to our best friend, google.com, the travelling time (duration) is between 38 minutes to 42 minutes, depending on the routes that we take. Distance wise, it’s between 47km to 50km. I have moved 8 times within the past 18 years of working life. Most of the time, further away for bigger space and better value. Trust me, once familiarity sets in, everything would fall in line and your property would turn into your home sweet home.

How about a few more important reasons to buy? Before I outline them below, I seriously do believe an actual tour of the township would do more justice before you decide. Take a look here and call to make an appointment today. The other reasons include the following:

  1. Potential capital appreciation – There is little chance of flipping for huge profits when it comes to these really value for money homes. Capital appreciation is however quite assured. Just stay with your family and enjoy it for a few years before thinking about anything else. The reason is simple, when the usual hotspots become even more expensive, everywhere else has to follow, up.
  1. Discovery Park – It’s within the township and this is something worth dropping by everyday or during weekends for quality family time. This is an open recreational park where its open-space plaza allows activities such as skating, kite-flying, playing and jogging. This provides the perfect hang-out for family and friends.
  1. Shop and Eat – I would not like to only shop and eat within Nilai Impian everyday. However, on most days where convenience is your main preference, it has grocery stores and various restaurants nearby. Dining choices include fast-food restaurants to diners like McDonald’s and MarryBrown.
  1. Daily Convenience – There are hypermarkets such as Giant, Tesco and even Nilai 3 Wholesale Centre.. At Nilai 3 Wholesale centre you can get great bargains for goods such as textile, furniture, car accessories, carpets, garden equipment, bags, luggage, sexy dressing, ladies accessories and others
  1. Connectivity – Driving out is a breeze too, with direct access with major highways like ELITE and the North South Expressway. This extends the places to visit for dining and shopping.
  1. Commercial Hub – It’s always a plus point to have more potential business opportunities. Nilai Impian is within a mature development including Bandar Baru Nilai and Nilai Industrial Area. In other words, the potential commercial growth in this township is positive and would benefit both the residents and business owners.
  1. Education – Gaining an internationally recognized qualification is easy too. Inti International University is just 11 minutes away. Read here about all their courses. http://newinti.edu.my/main/
  1. Malaysian community – Nilai Impian has an estimated population of 5,000. This is where community spirit is still very much alive and we may just know majority of all our neighbours.

nilai4Regardless of lifestyle changes, more space amidst greenery and lots of well-thought of amenities would always be a good choice. For these huge developments, better to buy from an established developer. When I was studying in INTI College way back in 1994, Nilai had nearly nothing. Today, developments are continuing and this meant population growth would continue to push up property prices due to demand versus supply. Look at future potential by referring to the past happenings. Hotspots of today did not suddenly appear and appeal to everyone. However, if a certain development has things which appeal to us today, we are assured of its future value. If you have a small family and would like your kids to grow up in a better environment than the usual cramped 1,000 sq ft condo, this is definitely worth visiting and deciding upon. Remember, your travelling time is also extended by an additional 10 minutes versus the usual if you currently use 30 minutes to go to work daily. Older folks would definitely enjoy the extra greenery and the clean air too. Your home sweet home may not be a distant dream after all. Alternatively, read and join some of the latest activities from Sime Darby Property here.

written on 3 May 2016

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