7 Super Stylish Homes That Cost RM100K and below

Itching to redo your place, but find yourself short on the big bucks? It’s still possible to get your home professionally designed with all the bells and whistles within a reasonable price tag. Draw inspiration from these sleek and style-conscious designs that won’t exceed your budget. Send a free quote request here and Qanvast will […]

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Ringgit recovering, I stopped writing

A few friends who have followed me for some time asked me why have I stopped writing about Ringgit these days. It’s already recovering, right? Well, last year, I did write a few articles about Ringgit. Read one here: Summary Q2 2015:Malaysian economy, Ringgit and Zeti or this: 1998 vs 2015, just numbers no rhetorics In fact […]

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When salary packages for CEOs become way too high

According to, the typical starting pay for a drilling engineer is £25,000 to £35,000 and with experience, it can grow to between £40,000 and £80,000. There’s no need to convert to RM because the average property price in London is £500,000 anyway. In other words, even for an extremely experienced drilling engineer who is […]

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RM590,000 per unit, same price for 8.5 years, interested?

These days, developers are offering ever more ways to help buyers in buying one unit of their project. One recently launched project by Maju Holdings in Sungai Besi offers the option of paying just RM300 monthly for three and a half years during the construction period which will then be saved for the upcoming utility fees, […]

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Aeropolis KLIA, major thrusts and plans, RM7 billion investments

I wrote about this so long ago that I have forgotten all about it. Read here:  Airport within a mall, Mitsuit Outlet and Aeropolis  I have been to the Mitsui Outlet twice since then. Want to know my thoughts? Read Here. I think the concept is good if it could happen as envisioned; an Aeropolis or […]

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When half of overhang units are below RM300,000

On and off, we would come across reports about how unaffordable has property market Malaysia become. In fact, we have been said to be unaffordable for quote some time. Read here: Severely unaffordable, worst than Singapore, Japan and USA – US based Demographia On a more recent note, this was also highlighted by our very own […]

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Fewer launches, better deals or the other way around?

Are there fewer property launches in 2016 thus far? I personally do not think so. Maybe because I have been receiving Facebook postings, SMSes and even WhatsApp on a continuous basis. Only few years ago, I did not receive so many of such notifications. Okay, perhaps it’s because they are repeats? Well,  according to the […]

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Setia Eco Templer, Rawang. Registeration opens.

Do you think Rawang is considered accessible in terms of duration? Okay, if you really want to know, the distance is 25km away from KLCC,Jalan Ampang. Take alook at the google map image on the side. This brings us to SP Setia’s new 194-acre township in Rawang called Setia Eco Templer. Total gross development value […]

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Buying A Home – How Much Am I Able To Borrow

Under a content sharing arrangement between and, we will start to exchange suitable articles for the benefit of visitors to both sites. Below would be the first article which I think is of utmost importance to everyone. “Buying a Home – How much am I able to borrow.” Happy reading and if there are loan related articles […]

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2027 is the year HSR KL – Singapore commences

I think this should be the latest update on High Speed Rail (HSR). Well, at least until the Leaders’ Retreat in May for Malaysian and Singaporean ministers. It’s clear that it’s hard to speed up any negotiation when it involves two countries. This is especially when the immigration is involved. These days, safety from potential […]

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