5 trends for property market Malaysia

I read an interesting article about the five trends in property market Malaysia from a BM Website; Thus, I think it’s good to translate and share with everyone including my personal comments. This is where more investors can read and decide which are the trends they would like to believe in. There’s really no […]

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Four Questions to Choosing the Right Condo Property for You

It’s a good time to buy property. As Global Property Guide notes, Malaysia’s housing market still remains slow but is forecasted to gain strength later this year. And as you know, lower prices means a better investment. Before you can go through with the purchase of a condominium, it’s always best to check and double […]

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Buying undervalued property is possible, really

What is an undervalued property? It is a property which we like and is being sold at a price lower than the market value. If we do not like the property, then undervalued or overvalued has no meaning to us anyway. Emotions aside, undervalued property means for the same amount of money, we can buy […]

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31 new MRT stations; look out for more choices

I was often asked this question. Where to buy? Well, I asked them back, ‘where do you think you should buy?’ The answers are mostly those few areas. Haha. Yes, they include the MK, the B, the C, the DPC and even the P. Haha. Maybe you can guess who are some of those friends […]

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Zepp Hall Network in Bukit Bintang City Centre too

2 days ago, I wrote about LaLaport opening in Bukit Bintang City Centre (BBCC). Read here: LaLaport Mall from Japan in Bukit Bintang City Centre by 2021 Another interesting name has been announced as coming to Bukit Bintang City Centre. It’s Zepp Hall Network. Yes, I guess everyone would be scratching their head about this name. […]

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BNM: Risk of oversupply is real within the next 2 years

I believe there is an oversupply of new malls. In fact within the Klang Valley alone,  there are more malls than what I could visit in a year, even if I visit a different mall every weekend! Read here: Seriously, when there are just too many malls Of course, this has nothing to do with more […]

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LaLaport mall from Japan in Bukit Bintang City Centre by 2021

I read in Nikkei Asian Review that Mitsui Fudosan will develop a nine-storey, 45 billion yen (RM1.6 billion) mall in Malaysia together with Eco World Development Group and two other local partners. This will be its biggest project for a commercial facility abroad by a Japanese real estate development and it will be a LaLaport […]

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Households Malaysia: Financial assets up RM97.9bil vs RM70.4bil up in debt

First, let’s talk about potentially a bad news. Malaysia’s household debt-to-gross domestic product (GDP) ratio increased to 89.1% in 2015. It was 87.9 percent as at end 2014. Read here: Household Debt Malaysia? Better In other words, the household debts in total is actually worsening. Want to know what some other countries are doing? Well, take a […]

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Still true, “property prices too high.”

I wrote about this nearly 2.5 years ago. The amazing thing is, the property bubble bursting predicted by my very successful friend has not yet happened. My friend is now already a Director in a US- Multinational. His salary would be the envy of majority of all Malaysians, perhaps including me. Read here: Property Prices […]

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2019 should have “cheap rental” for office space in KL?

If there is an oversupply, prices should drop. It does not apply only for residential but also for offices. Businesses may be spoilt for great choices if there are oversupply of office space. In fact, one major reason why Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world is due to its property […]

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