Bukit Jalil City integrated development and secondary choices

I have many younger friends who loves Bukit Jalil. They feel it’s nearby to everything that’s happening. Perhaps this is also the reason why Malton announced in a The Star article that their Bukit Jalil City development has already reached RM1 billion worth of sales. This is their integrated 50-acre which was being developed together with Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The project consists of the Pavilion Bukit Jalil regional shopping mall, 112 units of Signature Shop Offices, four towers of luxury serviced apartments known as The Park Sky Residence as well as 44 units of Park Point Shop Offices. It will have a link bridge from the project to connect the residents to an 80-acre public park.

For the financial year ended June 30 2015, Malton registered a marginally higher revenue of RM503.4mil, from RM500.3mil in the same period last year. It’s net profit was however lower at RM45.8 million versus RM52 million previously. This gave it a net margin of slightly over 9 percent. In case everyone is wondering why its margin is so low, it’s because a larger portion of the revenue was from the construction division which has lower margins as compared to property division. It’s total outstanding order book stood at RM1.5 billion. Most of these were due to construction projects such as Bukit Jalil City, Pavilion Damansara Heights and Royale Pavilion hotel. It said that The Park Sky Residence which has a selling price per sq ft up to RM855 is already setting a new benchmark in Bukit Jalil. The typical projects being launched in the same area are priced from RM700 to RM750 per sq ft.

bukit jalilWhat about some of the projects in Bukit Jalil today? Those I term as family type of condos? A search in property guru.com.my revealed the following: (refer side)  In terms of size, it’s pretty generous and choices are still plenty. I think this is one of the few reasons why it’s still a popular choice. Affordability and size. Do note however that one must expect jams during those peak hours. BJAccording to propsocial.my, there are some attractive points but a sore point would be the jams during peak hours with huge traffic flow including those from Puchong. Happy thinking about Bukit Jalil if you are looking at bigger sizes plus the future Pavillion. Happy staying.

written on 26th Nov 2015

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