Bukit Jalil City integrated development and secondary choices

I have many younger friends who loves Bukit Jalil. They feel it’s nearby to everything that’s happening. Perhaps this is also the reason why Malton announced in a The Star article that their Bukit Jalil City development has already reached RM1 billion worth of sales. This is their integrated 50-acre which was being developed together […]

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Yes, Malaysian banks are still doing okay

Just a few weeks ago, a colleague said something which I replied him seriously. He said, ‘I think Malaysian banks are doing badly.’ I asked him why he said so and he said look at all the retrenchment schemes which are happening. I told him off then that from all the financial quarters of Malaysian […]

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Affordable homes a need, stop “playing” to all

Reported in The Star today, the Penang state Housing Committee chairman Jagdeep Singh Deo said that due to the non-issuance of Advertising Permit and Developer License (APDL), more than 3,000 middle-class families in Penang will not be able to buy low-cost, low-medium cost and affordable housing projects. This affected 10 of such projects. He said […]

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KL118 awarded, RM3.4 billion deal to Samsung-UEM

I wrote about this earlier. I love KL118 and I think it’s another catalyst for all the surrounding areas as well. Read here:  KL118 to be built by Samsung-UEM – RM2.12 billion   Reported in many media officially, the Samsung-UEM partnership has won the contract to build KL118 from Permodalan Nasional Bhd (PNB). As per announced, the […]

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Buy this book: Property Investors’ True Stories

I buy books and I read books every month. The experience of many years from someone who has been there, done that is extremely valuable and within a few days, I could learnt from the writer(s). There is no substitute for continuous learning. The people whom I would normally stay away would be property gurus […]

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Innovations with small spaces, great BUT

I love those videos which people forwarded tome showing how innovative people could be with small spaces. A tiny flat which can fit double of what it should usually fit and more. However, if you ask about these innovations, I would seriously tell you that for Malaysia, this is not going to be something which […]

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Mah Sing and it’s RM1.2 Billion Penang projects

Mah Sing in Penang? The two famous sites would be in Batu Ferringhi or Batu Maung. Hey, both begins with BATU. Haha. Well, in my previous role, I visited its show office in Batu Maung a few times and I think the site offers good potential since it’s really a stone’s throw away from the […]

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Slow times but still healthy profit numbers for UOA

UOA Development is familiar to me because my former company operates from one of the tower in The Horizon, Bangsar South. As I come to KL pretty often then when I was based in Penang, I also had many lunches in the few restaurants there. In case you are still wondering where is Bangsar South, […]

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LuLu and Malaysia, RM 1.3billion investment for retail

Another new comer into the hypermarket scenes coming. Yes, perhaps this particular segment install full of growth potential. Anyway, it’s also survival of the fittest. Look at the few brands which has already changed hands or name. It’s not easy. Margins are low as well. LuLu Group, the owner of the largest hypermarket chain in the […]

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Setapak as a residential choice? Condo or Landed.

Secondary property choices in KL are still available. A friend staying in Setapak told me that if she leaves office after 530pm, it is better that she continue working and leave after 8pm instead. No idea which part of Setapak that she is staying but I know that Setapak is a pretty popular area for […]

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