Kota Damansara, the growth story and MRTs

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High-rise for a family of four, or more? Minimum of 1,000 sf and should be in an area where there are branded hypermarkets as well as lots of restaurants and perhaps public transportation especially the future MRT? You may want to take a look at Kota Damansara. Yes, this is not that near to KL city centre. A search with Google Map revealed that depending on where you actually start, the distance could be slightly below 20km away. On a good day, it should take nothing more than 25 minutes. With jams, one hour is a better bet. What are some of the options available? I used iproperty.com.my to find out.


Besides prices which I think still affordable for a family, the nearest mall is Sunway Giza and The Strand. Slightly further away would be The Curve. There’s also a few hypermarkets like Giant and AEON Big. (I prefer Giant for variety, more restaurants and I think prices are pretty competitive). If your wife is pregnant, there’s also the Tropicana Medical Centre. Access is pretty okay. There is NKVE and LDP. I would suggest to use NKVE in the morning if you need to go to KL city centre. There’s also a few MRT stations such as Surian, PJU 5 and Kota Damansara which is under construction currently and should be operational next year. Yes, just one year away.

propsocialBesides these cheaper ones there are also the pricier ones such as Nexis Soho, and Cyperus which are already over RM1,000 psf. Of course, this is also supported by the fact the prices of older high-rises, especially those nearby or next to MRT stations are still appreciating. Want to have an overall view of what else is in Kota Damansara? Well, I would normally just drop by propsocial.my It has easy to refer information but no matter how much you may read online, nothing beats driving around the area once during the weekends and once during the usual weekdays. Invest some time in understanding the kind of traffic that you would be facing.

Most of us have never been to many different areas. Most of us have often relied on what others are saying. Truth is, not everyone needs to stay in these so-called hotspots. If all of us are moving into the same few hot-spots, we are the few who would continue to pay premiums on top of premiums. An area can be good when many good people stay there. Well, I think all of us are good people. If all of us move into a secondary area, I would think that secondary area may soon be primary and in future perhaps a hotspot? Haha. Happy searching for your home sweet home.

written on 27 Aug 2015

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