How many of us are ‘blue-chip’ level anyway?

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Not many of us are wealthy enough to retire. Perhaps not yet anyway. A better question is, how many of us consider ourselves BLUE-CHIPs? Wow, this is a question many would be looking at me now. We are not stocks, why are we blue-chips then? Haha. Warren Buffet always buy undervalued and fundamentally sound companies. Let’s look at just two items; undervalued and fundamentally sound.

Are we ‘undervalued’ then? Well, to those who think we deserve more than what we are earning today, the answer is probably. The company must be paying you a little too low. Next question, are we able to resign and find a new job almost immediately, paying us more money? If your answer is also yes, then friend, you may really be undervalued and it may be time that you leave. Third question, when you have found a new role, would you be doing more valued-added responsibilities than what you are doing today? If your answer is YES, then you are totally undervalued because you can actually do more than what you are doing today, you just did not have the opportunity! Last question, did you ever tell your current manager about this? If answer is Yes, you may be wrong or they may be wrong. Either way, decide and take actions.

Are we fundamentally sound? First question, are there MANY other staffs within the same company who can do what we do and perhaps some can do better? A Yes should make you wonder why you are not special. If answer is NO, then are in a position which is allowing us to continue improve what we are doing today? Do note that if you do the exact same thing year after year, please do not expect to be paid much more and more, right? Last question, are we also continuously remind ourselves that we must do better, must do more? If answer is yes, and we are still growing, that’s the best. If answer is no, it’s time we re-evaluate our position. Just like a listed company, if their product is exactly the same as everyone else in the market, think what would be their growth like? Maybe nothing, maybe decreasing even.

Are we considered a blue-chip? Haha. If we are positively blue-chip, congratulations! If we are not, well, perhaps we should start focussing on investments because if our career just would never take us up to a senior management role, there’s really nothing to fight for. Oh yeah, even if we are today a senior manager, just be reminded that there are some young managers who earn more than us from their investments. Perhaps that ought to keep us on our toes and keep improving; ourselves and our investment portfolios. Gambate in becoming a ‘blue-chip.’

written on 23 Aug 2015

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