Any investment is a good “business”; diligence needed

To me, any investment is a good ‘business.’ It includes even investing on new knowledge or qualifications. Over 10 years ago, I completed my MBA which did not really gave me any sudden promotions. However, it has given me many benefits, both direct and indirect that I would always encourage anyone looking to upgrade to go for it. The cost then was RM19,000. I invested the amount onto myself.

I have many friends selling insurance. I have just two friends who are doing exceptionally well because of selling insurance. I have a huge group of friends in real estate. I have just a few friends who are very successful in the real estate business. I have many friends who are owners of cafes. I have just a few friends left who are still operating the cafe. Yes, I have hundreds of friends who have spoken, discussed and debated with me about property investment. Thus far, less than 10 percent are successfully earning good money from property investments. Or perhaps majority are successful but they just did not want to let me know? 🙂

The catch in all these is just one, diligence. Hardwork and work smart. The learning is continuous and somehow that motivation to continue must be from ourselves. Rest assured, out of 10 people you approach to buy insurance, maybe one would say Yes. Perhaps it’s just because your explanation was bad! Improve. If investing property involves taking simply selecting a nicely designed brochure or buying the first property that you think looks impressive, then EVERYONE is today a multi-millionaire and soon, all would become bankrupt since if everyone is an investor, who are the buyers? Haha.

Investment is always long term. Even if one famous property guru tell you that if you follow him totally, you would not be wrong, that person is lying. If he is as good as what he said, he does not need you. He would have earned so much from his earlier investments that he would have been able to reinvest earn more and definitely would not become a full time property speaker. Yes, after you have listened to more than 10 speakers, you can perhaps become a speaker too. Using some of the points you learnt, join Toastmasters for free training and 6 months later, perhaps start speaking! Yes, I have more than a few friends who are doing this successfully today.

Since you are reading this article, if you have yet to buy a property, buy one after some research. Do not research for 10 years but bought none simply because you did not find a perfect property yet. Property investment is worthwhile only if we take action. Otherwise, it’s call property ‘thinking.’ Selling insurance is worthwhile only when we push ourselves to do more and improve faster. Don’t just dream, take action and make your dream come true. Happy dreaming on a king sized-bed in a 5 star beach resort when you are successful.

written on 21 July 2015

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