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Development, compensation and promises not kept

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Nearly every week there would be articles about some new developments facing protests from the residents nearby. This would normally turn into a debate of whether the developer has done enough in terms of air pollution and noise control, compensation and even promises. When a new high-rise development happens in a mature neighbourhood, it is almost impossible to have zero noise and dust particles flying around. In fact, even the jams would be more frequent than usual and this would normally continue for the duration of the development. So, should we support these complaints instead?

Sometimes, the complaints are valid without any doubt. However I seriously think what is more important is that the council really does its job. If the developer does not follow existing guidelines, they should be fined and if they repeat, fined again. What happens thus far has always been a lax in enforcement and thus some developers with lower standards of construction would just take it easy. Just look at those ‘bald’ hills cleared by developers or even trees cut down unscrupulously without any approval. All these happened before the council came to know about it. Actions are often already too late If the hill is already bald, replanting of trees or whatever remedial works would take years. A 50 year-old tree which has been cut down is lost forever.

Another important point is to ensure the developers keep to their promises. For this, perhaps the executive councillors should be the facilitator between the developer and the affected parties. There’s really no need for any lengthy debates or arguments which does not benefit anyone. One recent example reported in The Star. One developer agreed to work with MBPJ to build a new complex for the Section 17 morning and night markets within the developments. The promise was for it to be completed by end of 2016. However, the traders are saying that they have not been informed of the progress. In fact they claimed that MBPJ is asking them to talk to developer while the developer is asking them to talk to MBPJ. Who is at fault here? Well, I did not yet read about any actions from the executive councillor. Hope the person would do something, soon.

written on 11 Aug 2015

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