Blogging can earn you millions, really.

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wpid-img_20150728_215027.jpgI read an interesting excerpt on my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta. Can you earn millions from blogging in something that you are interested in? Make your blog the top read blog for that topic that you blog about? This is definitely not a dream.  I just learnt that Michael Arrington earns USD500,000 to USD800,000 per month. His site is the famous http://www.TechCrunch.com According to facts from http://www.wrike.com he is the richest blogger in the world. I think he works hard too because the updates in his site are as frequent as minutes. Okay, perhaps he can afford many more writers as well.

Actually many of us can strive for this. The world is now full of opportunities because the world is now online. This is not easy work and it requires lots of discipline. You may have to give up some of your online games or Korean dramas. However, the potential is endless. One real example, in terms of actual visits, kopiandproperty.com.com is no longer that small but when I am lazy, the momentum of growth stalls and I would have to do more to get it restarted. Thus, the mantra is discipline, discipline and discipline.

Where would this bring me is unknown. Where I intend for it to go might be clearer; top 10 most visited property site in Malaysia. Yes, versus all the commercially run property sites. Timeline? End 2016. What have I been doing? Well, I told a close friend that I intend to increase the average article per day from 1.9 to 2.2 beginning August. I realised that when there are more things to read, my number of visits go up. Yet, I m working full time and have my adorable daughter and my new 3 months plus baby boy, so the time available is very limited. Haha. Anyway, everything starts with a dream and ACTIONS corresponding to that dream. All the best to me.

written on 26 July 2015

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5 thoughts on “Blogging can earn you millions, really.”

  1. In life, whatever we do, the top few would be millionaires. The hierarchy at the top would be very successful, while the rest follows from fairly successful, to mediocres at the bottom. Some theorist use the 80/20 rule, I believe it depends on the fields one works in. A doctor, engineer and lawyer have a higher chance of success as they are very much sought after.

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