Setapak condo choices: RM400k – RM500k

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A reader wrote in to ask me about PV6 in Taman Melati, Setapak. It’s a condo of 1,328sf and prices range from RM550,000 – RM600,000. Price per sf is thus only RM414 – RM451. Looks attractive, right? Now do you understand why I still think the secondary market is worth considering, especially if you are looking for your first home sweet home? Nevertheless, the key is always maintenance. These are some tips on inspecting them: 12 inspection tips on buying secondary properties 

Since affordability is the most important factor, I extended my search in to include other condos in Setapak which are between RM400,000 – RM500,000 in Setapak. The results showed that availability is still there. setapakPerhaps one thing which is holding many buyers back would be the fact that some of these condos are no longer looking new. The external paint has started to show aging effects. Many times, Setapak is also viewed as a place where students stay and thus the roads are jammed, parking is tough to find and more. Well, let me be honest, jammed roads and tough to find parking spaces happen in many places too. I have failed to find a car park in TTDI nine out of ten times that I am there in the evening. Haha.

setapak2Take a look at some of the other available projects. The prices per sf is definitely not something you see in the new projects, not even after the new projects provides to you good rebates. As for Setapak as an area, let’s be very clear here. Density is high and congestion happens most of the time. If this is like a Desa Parkcity, surely, the prices would be closer to it. However, this is definitely not a place which is further away such as Kajang or even the place I stay today, Damansara Damai. Thus, in terms of location distance from the city centre, Setapak fits the bill. Question is, does it fit what you are looking for. Happy searching for your first home sweet home.

written on 26 July 2015, updated listings on 18th Oct 2016.

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