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Grow money with money. Boost your ego? Laterlah.

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A good friend, much younger than me was in KL the other day and as usual we went for a cup of latte in the evening. She was driving just a Proton Saga and she told me that many of her friends were driving a Vios or a City. All of them told her to change car because her Saga is making her look bad. I asked if she felt the same. She laughed and said, “Of course not. I am too young and besides even if I drive a Vios or a City, would successful people like you think highly of me.” I laughed and said that fortunately you say this because I am driving just a Persona. How dare of me to look down on anyone driving a Vios or City?

Truth is, many are aiming for that short boost in ego among peers. No one wanted to be known as that ‘fella who has no cars, or that classmate is driving his father’s old Nissan Sunny (yes, that’s me too). I seriously think MONEY is more important than ego. With ego, others may think slightly highly of you. With money, you can make yourself wealthy and you soon realise that ego does not create more money. Money however would create MORE money. Haha.

A very easy example, when a young graduate buys a Vios or City, even if it saves petrol or whatever crap that the sales agent tells you, most of the time it will be on a 9 year loan or at least 7 year loan. The thinking is, within 3 or 4 years, my salary would have increased so much that paying for the car is as simple as ABC. I would not doubt that BUT by having this loan, it meant that you have chosen to delay the opportunity to buy a property by at least 7-9 years. Seriously not a wise move at all. So, you rent and make someone rich. Staying with parents and giving them allowances is not so bad, at least when you need the money they would give you back, at least most of the time.

There are not too many 10 years before we realise that we needed more money to retire comfortably. Oh yeah, before we called it a night, I told my good friend that it’s not enough to drive a Saga. It’s more important to aim to earn more than enough to buy a Vios or City but use that money to create more money. If she did that, I would think highly of her. I would not mind having latte with her anytime at all. However, if the car she bought is to boost her ego but her wallet is empty most of the time, there’s really nothing to be happy about. No wonder the number of youths going bankrupt is getting higher year after year in Malaysia. Getting your ego boosted or bruised? Your decision.

written on 10 July 2015

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  1. im

    I am also driving a 2002 proton wira which I bought new on that year until now. Sometimes, yes it seems to feel embarrassing while my colleagues and subordinates driving Japanese cars. Sometimes they even asked me to buy a new car.
    But, am I bothering them or humiliating. I could hardly remembered the time when I called them and asked them to fetch me because my car broken down the road. The fact is, my car had never made me into big trouble so far and I can go anywhere I want to. I know if I take a good care of my car, it will never let me down. My car’s spare parts also more easier to get even if I go into groceries shop, yes joking haha.
    It is not that I am not willing to buy a new car.(I still admire the new/latest model haha) But there’s even more important things to do first. Like buying properties and investing. The price when we sell back the car is really hurting me and I kept on thinking of the money gone over the years.
    To my relatives and friends, I had already bought three houses and one shophouse. And there are more to come if you wish to see it. I am just like you working 9 to 5 and my good friends wondering how I did it. Let me be in my own world and I am happy with my life. I can buy whenever I want and that’s make me free. I can go oversea on my own.
    Thanks Charles for letting me go.

    July 13, 2015
    • im, as long as that proton wira is still serving you well, it’s great. personal advice, get a safer car. Min ASEAN NCAP 4 Stars. better safety for you and loved ones. Aiya, for you, just take out that cheque book and buy it tomorrow lar. Yes, I always love the vacation part. My dream? Wake up in KL on Monday, my wife tells me that she wanted to eat Sabah Pan Mee and we showered, buy and fly to have Pan Mee in Sabah for lunch…. Then, stayed for a while and perhaps fly to our vacation home in Langkawi for a few days. This remain a dream. haha… Will work for it.

      July 14, 2015

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