75% Malaysians in cities and 17% using public transport

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Would you take the MRT if the duration is the same versus you driving? Assuming the cost of MRT is 50% that of your usual petrol and parking fees. I think majority of Malaysians living in KL today who is driving would say NO. What about if the cost of MRT is just 10% of your current transportation costs and duration is almost the same? Perhaps it will appeal to more people now. How about if the MRT costs even lower? For the majority who’s driving some cars which they are proud to show off to their friends and colleagues, the answer remains a firm No.

According to THEEDGE, nearly 75% of Malaysians now live in cities. Only 17% of commuters in KL are taking the public transport versus 62% in Singapore and 89% in Hong Kong. Frankly, have we ever wondered why? Is it only because they have the MRTs which are totally so well connected and is connected to everywhere that everyone would want to go? Or are the MRT stations near to every single housing development and thus it is just so convenient to take the public transport instead of driving? OR is it because the costs associated with driving was made way too high to ensure that the cities are not congested like crazy? There’s no need to answer me. Just go check out the costs of PARKING in Hong Kong and the total costs of buying one car in Singapore plus all the tolls etc.

MRT Malaysia will not be successful without a gentle push for some to go towards it. Every morning, when I drive and look around, majority of all cars have just one person; the driver. Majority of everyone would most probably work in an office and when it is within the KL city centre, it would almost certainly be connected by some form of public transport BUT one may have to walk a bit. Time to be healthier like the Singaporeans or the Hong Kongers. Perhaps just follow the Singapore way, you want to drive into the CBD area on weekdays? You PAY. Otherwise, that 17% who uses public transport today may just double when MRT comes. Reaching levels close to Singapore or Hong Kong would remain just a distant dream. Yes, I am waiting for the MRT station near my place and would do best to take it by riding my bike. Hopefully it has space for my foldable bike. I promise, I will use the MRT when it comes. Cheers.

written on 23 June 2015

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