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Should I buy? Should I sell? This has been a question for first-time buyers and home owners respectively. It’s not an easy question to answer but these days, there are more reference points that we can access online. For example, property related forums, property portals and even news portals. Long time ago, these were not available and thus everything depended more on ‘hunch’ instead. A few months ago, I started referring to Propsocial.my on and off. I personally find the site to be clean in design, simple to use and quite comprehensive, for Klang Valley.

Today during lunch, my colleague and I were talking about Menara Avenue and I showed her the information that we can easily find online. She was impressed with the layout of the information and felt that Propsocial.my was designed with user in mind. It has an adaptive design which meant smartphone users can use it easily too. As an example, when we search via a notebook or desktop, the screen appears as follows:


It gives all the information that we would normally need and if these appeal to us, we can then search for some of the listings on Propsocial.my In fact if we are only starting and would want to focus on a certain area, we can begin immediately by typing in just the area itself. Information about the area would be made available by PropSocial writers.


As an example, let’s look at Kepong. We can immediately see that within Kepong, there are 102 projects, 10 convenience stores and even CRIME RATE. Currently this is a generic crime level based on PropSocial’s own research. Magdelin, the GM for PropSocial said that eventually this would be based on actual statistics from the police. We also know the three areas nearby to Kepong include Dutamas, Mont Kiara and Segambut. This helps a lot, especially for buyers who are not from KL. Yes, that includes me too.

Once you found what you like, you can also search for properties for sale or for rent in that particular area. There are also photos of the Of course, on top of all this information, the portal also shows users properties that are for sale or rent in the area. Magdelin further explained that, “We believe that when home buyers are looking for property, they will also be looking for information related to the neighbourhood, so what we are trying to do is to provide users with all this vital information under one platform.”

In the near future, Propsocial.my will expand their research coverage to areas outside the Klang Valley too, for example Penang and Johor. I personally believe that only online media would remain in the future, especially for property information. Frankly, how many of us would rush to buy a newspaper if we suddenly thought of buying one? I think the smartphone would be our best friend. Any property portal with good information as well as lots of real listings of properties would be the most successful one in the future. I wish all property portals the best as they continue to take over the traditional media for which the number of readers continue to shrink year after year. More property information? Propsocial.my may be a good place to start.

written on 26 June 2015

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