Just 24 already a property tycoon. HOW?

When I was 24, I had just worked for 3 years after my first degree. Was still struggling to pay for flight tickets to visit my ‘potential’ in-laws then in Sabah. Fortunately, the potential is now a real one and my wife and I have been married for 12 years. 🙂   Well, for a 24-year old lady in Australia, she’s already a multi-millionaire. Stephanie Brennan today has 6 properties worth more than AUD2.3 million. (RM6.5 million). The portfolio was built in just 3 years. Yes, if you want to know, she is a drop out and he aim is only to retire by the age of 30. I think if she doubles her portfolio, she can already have enough to retire, as long as she does not gamble it all away.

Her major advice is this, “I think the reason why people think they cannot buy property is because they want a multi-million dollar house now. You’ve got to start somewhere and build it up. Start small, buy a unit so you have got something behind you. I would definitely try and save, and you can pay 5% on a deposit and pay mortgage insurance if you want to get into the market.” Yes, for those who still disagreed and still think the market is too high and that the current generation would all be homeless, fine, please continue to change your smartphone every 9 months. there is no need to listen to her. She’s just an Australian and her advice may not be applicable here.

I think sometimes, what we really needed would be some calculated risks. In this case, add that to a bit of luck and we can then aim to be 50% as successful as her? Haha. Yes, even 50% meant we would already have properties worth AUD1.15 million. I am much older than 30, thus I could not aim to retire at 30 like her. However, perhaps I can aim to retire 10 years earlier than 55? As they say, aim for the sky, at least you ay hit the clouds. Happy aiming and buying.

written on 20 June 2015

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