July is near, even more fears?

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Yes, two more weeks, July starts. How are you feeling today? Negative because of all the news about potential of Malaysia’s rating dropping to BBB by Fitch Ratings beginning July? Negative because all the stocks you bought few weeks ago are all at their new lows? Negative because there are news that the job market is getting tougher moving forward, especially for the oil and gas industry? Actually, we can be negative in many things. However, the negativity must also be followed closely by objectivity.

For example, if we are already believing that times are bad, surely we should at least look at our credit card statements and see which ones are USELESS and should not have been spent? Calculate that and you would notice that you have enough to pay for food for the next one month.

If we believe the bonuses are going to be lower next year, should it not be time that we evaluate our holiday plans? Not where but what do we want to do. Fun with the family on the beach can be anywhere and it does not need to be taking the whole family on flights to another distant land. If it’s just for relaxation, there are so many cheaper options even if our colleagues may snigger since we are going on a budget instead of splurging.

In fact one huge thing we can do is to sell our current place which has appreciated so much and move to a slightly further away place for much lesser and have some surpluses from the sale of the current home. This surplus would come in handy whether during bad times or if you want to buy another home and start your property investment journey.

Fact is, there are lots of stuffs that we can now take a step back, re-evaluate and take action(s). What we should fear more would be for us to go into a negative mood without any pro-active actions. What we should not do is to blame the government, blame the opposition, blame everyone but still do nothing. Come on, those who can read this are all adults. Are we doing something already? Think for a while and then start doing. Happy doing something.

written on 18 June 2015

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