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I lost a Selayang opportunity by Hua Yang

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Since I wrote about this before, will write an ending to this. Earlier: The location less loved by many, perhaps  Reported in some English dailies, Hua Yang has terminated its land deal in Selayang with Nation Holdings Sdn Bhd (Nation) to acquire 8.09 acres of leasehold land. According to Kenanga Research, the termination was said to be unexpected but not considered negative because the seller (Nation Holdings Sdn Bhd) was not able to fulfil some conditions required by Hua Yang. Thus, better break it off instead of dilly-dallying and thus losing out on other opportunities.

I was actually looking forward to Hua Yang’s launching for the project. The reason is simple. Hua Yang’s projects are mostly affordable ones and Selayang is not considered a hotspot. Thus, both these reasons meant that the new launching would have been attractively priced. Who knows, if the size is right and it appeals to me, I can buy and move there in future and thus selling off my current place for some profits? Haha. Do not attach too much emotions to the properties we own. Always remember that the correct aim should be to live comfortably. The aim is not to live in the same place forever. Agree?

Kenanga Research has put a target price of RM2.20 to Hua Yang’s share and if we refer to the current share price for Hua Yang, it is undervalued. Please be reminded though that target price is based on certain expectations and do buy only if you believe Hua Yang would continue to do well under current circumstances. Hua Yang does however have an unfilled sales of RM702 million. Gearing is at 0.6-fold levels for 2016 financial year. Want to know if they are doping well? Visit their next launch and take a look at the take-up rate. It should give you some indication of the direction that the business is going and soon, it should be reflected in its share price. Happy following or buying.

written on 17 June 2015

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