Another Premium Outlet, this time high up the hill!

My daughter has been to Genting FOUR times. She’s just 27 months old. Haha. It’s near enough for a short drive up and cooling enough for my liking. So, I was very happy to read that Genting Premium Outlets is currently being built and it will be Southeast Asia’s first hilltop Premium Outlet Centre. First question, would you drive up to Genting just to visit the Premium Outlet? Chances are, no. However, this would add to the many attractions to drive up to Genting Highlands in future. Instead of just the casino or even just the theme park and the current shopping centre, there is now another awesome choice. It is expected to be completed in final quarter of 2016.

Total size would be 300,000 square feet. Certainly nowhere near the size of  Mitsui Outlet Park or even Johor Premium Outlet but as another shopping choice up there in Genting, this is indeed very attractive. It will house 150 designer brand name stores and 4,000 parking bays for cars and buses. It is part of Genting’s 10-year development, expansion, enhancement, refurbishment and infrastructure master plan. This Genting Premium Outlet is a sister outlet to Johor Premium Outlet which I have visited many times and bought many things for my wife.

Recently, Genting’s casino in Singapore showed a huge drop in profits while those casinos in Macau has shown a continuous decline in profits for some time. Both remain profitable but it has shown that profits cannot continue to rise and weaknesses in China’s economy does affect casino’s profitability as fewer people visit casinos. Thus, the expansion in terms of offering beyond just casino alone allows the company to at least maintain its profit momentum while at the same time giving even more entertainment value to many visitors, including my family and I. Happy visiting.

written on 27 May 2015

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4 thoughts on “Another Premium Outlet, this time high up the hill!

  1. Hi Charles,
    Any comments on those new projects nearby this hills top outlet? I saw lots of broadcasting in social media lately. Thanks

    • Hi Julia, I would not buy simply because of an outlet mall. The same rule applies to any other mall. However, you would like to move to somewhere near enough to second bridge so that you can get a bigger place and yet just one bridge away from the island, then can buy. If you like the concept of the new development and thinks it’s going to attract many people in future,then it’s a buy too. Actually, there are many reasons whether should we buy or not to buy. An outlet mall is at best, a secondary reason after we have considered all the important ones. Cheers.

    • Commented earlier. 🙂 Buy for many reasons including even if your best friend happened buy and you want to stay close to them, then please buy… An outlet mall should just be a secondary reason. Of course if you have two similar places. One has an outlet mall and the other has nothing, then buy the one near outlet mall lah.

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