Malaysia – Singapore. Not just one new bridge. Few bridges please.

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In a news report recently, it quoted Minister for Youth and Sports Khairy Jamaluddin as saying that he hoped that a new bridge can be discussed by both Malaysia and Singapore Prime Ministers during the leaders’  retreat soon. He said that the new bridge would be a symbol of future bilateral relations. In fact the current Causeway should just be demolished. This bridge can be built even before the High Speed Rail (HSR) or the Rapid Transit System (RTS). He further said that this new bridge can potentially reduce jams as well.

Personally, some of the readers to kopiandproperty.com would have noted that I would love for the connections between both Johor and Singapore to be enhanced. Just look at the current connection. During the usual working days, it may take up to 2 hours. During festive seasons, it may take up to 5 hours! Actually, due to this waiting period, many things would never happen. For example, the possibility of more people staying in Johor instead of renting the SMALLEST room in Singapore and paying S$700 for it? For example, more families would choose to take short trips into Johor even during weekdays? All these would help to increase the economic activity in Johor tremendously and within a short while would already pay for the bridge cost itself.

I remembered a few years ago when I visited the city of Osaka. Someone told me that the ‘old’ city of Osaka is connected to the ‘new’ Osaka (Shin-Osaka) by 8 bridges / links. That was why everything was so smooth. Thus, to me, one bridge is way too few. I would propose that the discussion should immediately talk about 2 bridges or more. I think once more cars pass through both sides, the VEPs can even be reduced further. Yes, I just a blogger but I think I speak objectively.

written on 30 Apr 2015

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3 thoughts on “Malaysia – Singapore. Not just one new bridge. Few bridges please.”

  1. Personally, this topic has had highlighted many times and long ago from both sides. i wonder if it would have happened and if should had happened long time ago, anyway, i might be wrong… who knows this times thing may come true… : )

    My 2cents

    • So many property related sites say they will share the confirmed stations etc. My view is this, if it is confirmed, sooner or later you will see it being announced and since the project is going to take a very long time, you would still have lots of time to really plan and buy.

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