KLIA’s new mall, the Mitsui Outlet Park.

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Yes, this is the Mitsui Outlet Park KLIA Sepang which is opening on May 30. I have been to Johor Premium Outlet a few times and I love the shopping because I could get brands I love for less. Johor Premium Outlet is more American as the partner is a very established American outlet store. Mitsui Outlet is more Japanese, in terms of origin. Yes, when it comes to these outlet stores, it tells you that the goods there would most probably be one season behind or more. I do not really care, sorry. I think majority of Malaysians or Singaporeans do not really care. Perhaps Singaporeans care a bit more BUT the number of Singaporean cars in JPO every weekend is huge…..The brand is important, the season can be ignored.

In Hong Kong or America, up-to-date with the season is important. Thus, you will get off-season items at very cheap prices. If you are still wearing last season’s stock while all your colleagues are already wearing the latest one, you will feel very bad. Shopping in Hong Kong is best because the retailers have NOWHERE to keep old stuffs. When new stuffs come, the older ones MUST go. Now you know why shopping in some of these countries are so awesome? I have bought a full set of coat and long pants in Hong Kong during its off-season sale for just RM220. Yes, its branded and it’s just RM220.

Coming back to this Mitsui Outlet. This is a must-visit store even if you have no intention to buy anything branded and you prefer the very mass and very affordable ones. My favourite? Shoes. Take a look: (taken from Mitsui Outlet KLIA’s website)


Pretty good right? These brands are just for shoes alone. I think I have to quickly wear more of my leather shoes so that I may need to buy new ones. Only one issue, I have 7 working pairs of which 2 pairs which I have worn just once. Okay, perhaps I would buy another pair of hiking shoe then. My current pair is a little worn out after it accompanied me up Mount Kinabalu a few years ago. See you all there after its opening on 30th may 2015. Need more information? Here: https://www.mitsuioutletparkklia.com.my/shopping.php

written on 30 Apr 2015

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5 thoughts on “KLIA’s new mall, the Mitsui Outlet Park.”

    • Dear Alex, I think there are not that many malls in JB. The famous ones are still in the city centre . As for the crowd in the newer ones, I still feel that it is nowhere near the famous ones in KL. Also, if I am from Singapore, the malls in JB may not be that attractive to me.


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