KIA vs PIA, cargo vs passenger.

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K.I.A? Kulim International Airport, if they do adopt such a name in the future. In a news article which I consider as positive for both Penang and Kulim industrial parks, the proposed international airport for Kulim is aiming at satisfying the demand for cargo services for which the Penang international airport (PIA) is unable to serve. The reason being that the airport has just one runway. In fact statistics were stated which showed the declining of cargo traffic by 10.5% annually in the PIA.

I think some time back I have written about my personal opinion. I think current PIA must be shifted to mainland or to another reclaimed island for it to be able to expand its current size. Its current location is not suitable anymore because Penang is a growing city and if you have ever driven to Penang airport, you would know that the same roads are used by all the workers in the industrial areas and this has caused huge congestion. In fact, the roads leading to the airport are now full of residential projects, many of which are high-rise and looking at this, it would be best for the Penang state government to quickly come up with a masterplan for PIA.

Politics aside, I seriously think no one should object to this because if we think a few more years down the road, it’s either the end of PIA’s expansion or KIA has no choice but to expand to cater for the passenger growth as well. An international airport is an integral part of any city aspiring to be an international one. Be serious please, the number of international visitors would reduce a lot if they could not get a flight into UNESCO’s heritage city; Penang. Even new multinationals would think twice if their executives always have problems flying into Penang or jammed for a few hours every time they are in Penang.

Whether KIA would proceed, I think the focus on cargo is the correct one for now. As for PIA, we do no need some urgency from the authorities concerned. I hope more people agree with me and give some pressure to both sides, whether its KIA or PIA. Cheers.

written on 1 Apr 2015

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