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A close friend asked me the other day about two properties in Penang island. One is in Tanjung Tokong and another is in Jelutong. Both are high end condos and both are RM1,000 psf if not higher. In other words, RM1 million or higher. I told her, actually based on my needs I would not buy these two. I would buy Summer Place (RM750k) or even Regency Heights (RM650k) instead. The reason is because I need a good place to stay, with a nice swimming pool, 1,250sf at minimum and a nice overall environment. I feel these two places (Summer Place and Regency Heights) that I like already fulfils my needs and expectations.

Then she asked, what if money is not an issue, then which would I choose. Well, if money is not an issue, then I would skip all these four and go for those much more exclusive ones. Those which have perhaps less than 200 units? Or even lower? Including a sea view from both my master room and the living room balcony even if I do not really need it. A swimming pool which even if I do not swim and just look at it would make me feel good? A huge gym which I seldom use and every other facilities that everyone thinks are so important but in the end do not really use? If money is not an issue, I WANT to buy something which everyone WANTS but could not afford. There’s no Need for me to buy a project with over 600 units or 1,000 units for KL today and having to share with so many people, right? She understood my meaning. When we really think objectively the truth is, there are a lot of wants which can already be satisfied with what we actually needed. The wants come into play simply because we kept on trying to want something which we could not afford or even force ourselves to afford at a huge cost.

On a more serious note though, I think for those WANTS that I mentioned, money is still an issue but even when money is no longer an issue, I could not see myself buying something so exclusive. I think I may be a fool but my vision has never been to be high above the rest but more of ensuring I have enough to fulfil my needs and perhaps that tiny little extra. Enough money and time. I hope to be able to decide to buy a nice property which my wife approves within seconds instead of thinking about it for months like what I did when I bought my first condo many years ago. I thought about it for 2 months! I want to be able to decide to buy a new MPV within minutes because I wanted to drive just one car when my parents and my family is going out for breakfast. One day I hope to be able to just drop my stuffs, take leave and go for vacations with my family when they need me. Yes, these are all needs which if I work hard enough, I should be able to do. There’s no need to focus on wants because I could never fulfil the so called Wants no matter how much more I do. Happy deciding whether you want to fulfil your needs or you need to satisfy your wants.

written on 20 Feb 2015

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