Safety, Security, Gated and Guarded

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These days whenever my friends told me that they are buying a landed property, my first question is always, ‘Gated and Guarded?’. And their answer would always be, ‘Yes’. Honestly, should you buy a landed property which is not gated and guarded today? For me, no. Reason? My family would be staying there and the extra premiums and maintenance fees that comes with one is well worth it. First of all, it does not mean that gated and guarded would never face potential crime. However, gated and guarded adds one additional security layer. That’s important to me. In terms of gated and guarded, my preference would be for following.

g n gLocation. Nope, I am not looking at hot areas. My reason is because I do not wish to pay through my nose for such a property. I would prefer areas which are upcoming or even newer areas. Truth is, if we look at just additional 15 minutes, our option expands tremendously. Let’s face the facts, with the ever reducing prime lands, landed properties have a better capital appreciation potential and since I am staying, sooner or later the prices would go up.

Developer. Sorry, I would not buy from unknown developers or developers with bad reputation. I do not believe in taking risks because with landed property, it is highly likely that I would be paying a premium compared to high rise anyway. For secondary properties however, I am okay to buy from any developer because I would already be able to view it before I buy. Therefore, for this, I am prepared to pay a slight premium for developers that I think is worth that premium.

Design and Space.  Between these two, I would rate space higher. Space as in the lanes in the development, parks, playgrounds, lots of trees. Basically I do not wish for the project to feel cramped. As for design, I am taking about the design of the home from outside. If it looks great, then great. if it looks average, I can still accept it as I can still renovate the interior to my liking. How about if it looks truly bad? Haha. Thus far, I have yet to see a design which I dislike so much that I never bothered to look inside.

written on 25 Sept 2014

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