Langkawi, Affordable homes and 3G Broadband

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I think the people in Langkawi would love to hear that there would be 1,000 new affordable units being built under PR1MA in collaboration with Langkawi Development Authority (LADA). In fact the prices are said to be 20% cheaper than the market rate. Ok, now the question of market rate. Actually, there’s not much benchmark to be found online. Most properties online are those which are nowhere near affordable. Perhaps more later but right now, some of the properties found online include:


So, I think 20% cheaper meant 20% lower than some of the rates stated for both the landed and the high rise. It will be build just 2km away from Kuah town which should be great. Means just few minutes away. Overall land size is 58.27ha and the 1,000 units would be built on a 22.25ha while the remaining would be for Phase 2 later on.

I always tell my wife that we should buy a small unit in Langkawi. My wife gave me a very good question. How many times would you be in Langkawi and how would I be maintaining it. She does not want to have to wash the house every time we are there just so that we can stay overnight for a few days. I think she is right. Anyway, there are also lots of hotels and the prices to me are still affordable except those very high end ones. I term high ends as anything above RM500 per night. Ok, I know that’s not considered high for many but to me, it’s high. Sorry yeah, I love clean and nice hotels and my needs are just a clean, nice and a spacious room. That’s normally quite easy to get below RM500 per night.

Many years ago, when I was in Langkawi, I was not connected most of the time. Otherwise the line’s too slow. In my last trip few months ago, the connection via my Celcom was close to 90% available. Speed was ‘manageable’ but otherwise, I was able to keep my self updated online. by next year, according to the broadband coverage plans, the tourists would enjoy 3G coverage in 90% of the whole island. While this is not that important because you are not supposed to be in Langkawi to go online but hey, better coverage is always welcomed. Yes, I am talking about myself though in my last trip, I spent just one hour per day online. The rest of the time, shopping, walking, carrying my baby daughter as she slept and more shopping. Haha. Must start looking at cheap fares again. RM150 to and fro should be sufficient, I think.

written on 15 Sept 2014

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