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Investment in Bank Notes with special serial numbers, interested? Why not?

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How about investing in bank notes with special serial numbers? In developed markets such as SIngapore, Australia or even UK, the auction of bank notes is a normal affair and lots of collectors bid against each other for them. The value of a well kept note with special serial number continues to rise and collectors are increasing. Imagine yourself owning a piece of the very first bank note ever issued for RM100 in Malaysia with the serial number of 00000000001. What’s more amazing is that the designs on these notes continue to change over the years. Have you ever seen the older bank notes by Bank Negara Malaysia? I meant, VERY OLD ones? the RM10 note is $10 and the word printed is ‘SA-PULOH RINGGIT’ Take a look here. These banknotes changed hands in an auction in Singapore recently.

wpid-img20140917223656.jpgSecond question, how do you know if these are genuine notes? Don’t worry, you would not need to go to any back alleys to get them. In the first auction of its kind, Bank Negara Malaysia would be holding an auction of Malaysian bank notes with special serial numbers on 27 September. It is open to the public and it will be held at the Sasana Kijang Auditorium. This auction would be handled by MNP Auctioneers (Central) Sdn Bhd (MNP). You can view more information here:    This would be an event open to all and even if you are not a collector today, there’s nothing to stop you from dropping by to view the auctioning of these special bank notes.

Oh yeah, an additional information just for you. The MOST expensive bank notes belonging to an Asian country ever auctioned belonged to the Malaysian bank notes. It was auctioned off at an amazing ££115,100 which was four times its original estimate and broke Spink’s record for the most expensive Asian banknotes ever sold at an auction.

From Spink News: The banknotes were a gift presented by Ismail Mohd Ali, on behalf of the Board of Governors of Bank Negara Malaysia, to the (fourth) King of Malaysia, Tuanku Ismail Nasiruddin Shah. They are preserved in a blue leather presentation album with the title Bank Negara Malaysia and arms in gold on the front cover. The folder contains the following: 1 ringgit, blue and multicoloured, 5 ringgit, green and multicoloured, 10 ringgit, blue and multicoloured, 50 ringgit, blue and multicoloured and 100 ringgit, purple and multicoloured, all ND (1967), serial number A/1 000001, all with portrait of Yang Di- Pertuan Agong, Tuanku Abdul Rahman, first King of Malaysia, at right, all are signed by Ismail Mohd Ali, value at centre and at each corner, all notes are mounted in card with gold border. There is also a second presentation album containing 1000 ringgit, ND (1968), serial number A/1 000001, purple and multicoloured, portrait of Yang Di- Pertuan Agong, TuAnku Abdul Rahman, first king of Malaysia at right, signed by Ismail Mohd- Ali, value at centre and each corner, mounted in card with gold trim.

According to reliable sources, some bidders would be flying in from Singapore for this bidding and many inquiries were received when the news about this auction was announced.

written on 17th Sept 2014

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