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The 500th Article Milestone. :)

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Actually, no one doubted me. None of my friends said that I would stop writing after a while. However, one close friend did say, ‘How to find so many things to write?’ Haha. Kopiandproperty.com reached the amazing 500th Article Milestone – 284 days after the first one. A very grateful thank you to anyone who has read at least one article and have forwarded at least to one friend. You helped to give me continuous motivation.

Appreciated all the criticisms too ranging from the English that I use, to the way that I write, to the fact that I am not publishing enough articles or even my refusal to be drawn into an argument about which country is better etc. Thanks for the diversity. Haha. Ok, some other milestones as below just so that I remember this for years to come. The day was 7th September 2014.

0 (Zero) number of Online Banners in kopiandproperty.com

1 Part-Time writer. That’s me.

2% of all articles in kopiandproperty.com were from contributors.

2.5 is the average comments per article thus far.

4 is the average sharing / forwarding per article (conservatively estimated)

20 is the average number of new subscribers per month

500 Articles posted, an average of 1.76 articles per day. (Down slightly from 1.88 first few months).

981 is the average visits per day to kopiandproperty.com

Will write more and continuously.

Best regards.


7 thoughts on “The 500th Article Milestone. :)”

  1. You done a marvelous job. Love most of your articles especially those that relates to the development of Iskandar. Keep up the good work.

  2. Congratulations, I read four times per week, knowledgable author providing good insights.
    May we see more articles on the landed property market in Penang in future?


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