Starhub Ipoh, SOVO, Iconic development and 25 cents psf maintenance

Personally, I do not like developers who launches project without a proper website. Come on, how much would a proper website cost these days? Please do not tell me the MD does not believe in online. Anyone who says so can forget about selling well or even growing to be a big developer. I saw an announcement by PTLM in Facebook and I googled a new SOVO project in the city centre of Ipoh. The name of the project is Starhub. The project said that it will be an iconic development and will transform Ipoh’s skyline. I hope that the developer can at least set up one in the near future. Market it correctly. The reason why people can know about your project is definitely through online and not the leaflets you printed today. It’s 2014.

For the details. Early bird price is RM400osf for the first 60 units and I think it is sold exclusively by an agency. Minimum selling price starts from RM241,200 and sizes ranges from 603 sf to 1206 sf. It is a leasehold 999 years. No mention of what’s the total units. The project would be the usual infinity pool cum wading pool with poolside barbecue for fun and relaxation. There’s also a gym and reflexology path, multipurpose hall and also a poolside cafeteria serving snacks and refreshments while your family is having fun in the pool. I know where the site is. The actual site is a piece of land nearby Kinta Medical Centre and Methodist Girl School. Maintenance is 25 cents psf which meant that that the smallest unit would set you back RM151.

I think this project would have to target the Ipoh people entirely and perhaps the people staying in the neighbourhood. Perhaps those who want a place to stay for a night or two during weekends while enjoying the facility. Personally, if I buy I would be buying the 1,206sf but the price may be a bit too steep for me if I am only going to stay during weekends. Perhaps I can turn it into home stay. I am really not so sure. There has not been a great rental market in Ipoh. There’s just not enough information to be found online beyond just calling a mobile phone and the agent listed.

I have never been very sure if Ipoh folks would love condos even though I like what The Haven has done for Ipoh. Perhaps Starhub is really an iconic development waiting to be discovered. Since this project has just been launched, only time would tell if Ipoh folks are ready for SOVO units. Pictures can be found here:


written on 2 Sep 2014

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