Puchong’s CBD, Five (5) LRT stations within minutes away and Mah Sing.

My relative would be happy. My wife’s best friend would be happy. In fact many people would be happy because they like Puchong. Mah Sing is planning for a RM9.3 Billion project there. it would be an integrated development is Mah Sing’s largest integrated mixed development in Malaysia. Total size is pretty huge, 35.9ha (3.9 million sf) in Puchong’s Central Business District (CBD). Another 69ha right next to the 35.9ha would be under a ‘first right of refusal’. In other words, Mah Sing will be able to buy first and if other buyers would like to buy, Mah Sing has to agree first. The land belongs to Huges Development Snd Bhd. The product to be built would be one for the mass market of youngsters and upgraders who wanted to stay within the CBD area. In fact the area is surrounded by FIVE (5) LRT stations within a 2km radius once the current LRT extension project is completed in 2016. Land is leasehold and is just south of Sunway City and has IOI Mall, Tesco and Giant hypermarkets as well as the latest Setia Walk. As usual, Puchong is already considered a matured neighbourhood and high population density.

I like IOI Mall, especially the MNG for men inside it. Personally however, I have always felt that Puchong is very ‘packed’ and due to the many different developers, it meant that the developments are not an integrated one. You build what you want and I build what I want. However, I like integrated developments, especially one by an established developer. I think if it can work, it has to be helmed by bigger developers with deeper pockets. I think that’s the reason why Huges Development is selling the land to Mah Sing instead of developing it by themselves. Look at the successful projects and you would notice that these days, without an integrated approach, it would not be attractive to home buyers of today. Everyone wanted to have everything as nearby as possible and not jam all the way just to reach the nearest malls or have a cup of latte with friends.

Since my relatives likes Puchong and my wife’s best friend is buying Puchong, I think I will go take a look once a firm plan is up from Mah Sing and open to public. They say, for investment, never do it without understanding the full picture. My first choice would always be the Sungai Buloh and nearby (less than 5 minutes) area because this is where I feel is still just starting to grow. However, this may still potentially take many years. Oh yeah, if you like established neighbourhoods and more matured neighbourhood and also a feeling that the shop lots are also cleaner and more livelier, Puchong is definitely much better than Damansara Damai. There’s just no comparison. Go take a look next year I think. This year might be too soon for anything to be done even if it is Mah Sing.

written on 30th Aug 2014

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