Property Fairs @ your competitor’s place?

As a developer, would you join a property fair at your competitor’s exhibition hall? I personally know of a few developers who would not. One of them rejected a property fair in Singapore because the good locations were no longer available. One developer said that they want to occupy the whole room out of the few exhibition rooms or else they will not participate. One asked who is in the same area as me. Another rejected by saying, ‘My CEO said, if we do not get the best spot, it is ok not to go. We will just do our own because the marketing expenses are already made available. We do not need to join fairs just to cut some expenses.’ All these are real replies when I was still with my previous company.

Truth is, if a property fair is to be FAIR, then it should be done in a venue acceptable to all developers. Perhaps there can be a few different entrances where the few top developers can each occupy their own corners. If you do the fair in a venue which is part of an integrated project by another developer and you expect many of the big developers to participate, you seriously have to think again. None of the branded developers would want to face a disadvantage versus the owner of the exhibition hall. The owner of the exhibition hall would of course be very happy because they can have their full resources there. They can choose the best spot and when all other developers market their properties by using brochures and leaflets, this exhibition hall developer owner can bring the visitors to REAL SHOWROOMS right next to the hall!

After I read through the exhibitors participating in this upcoming property fair, it confirmed my suspicion. I could not see any of the major names. Only one which I consider ‘big’ amongst the names. No worries, even without mentioning the name of the Media organising this, you would be able to see it. Just buy the leading English daily today. As for whether should you visit, yes, sure, why not. Every visit enhances your knowledge and when you visit more, you would be able to know if the developers are selling old stocks or new ones too. Happy visiting.

written on 30 Aug 2014

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