Ipoh Property updates: Upper East Condo, Times Square

upper eastA personal friend went to the launching of a new condo project in Ipoh recently. Upper East by Andaman. The location is considered a prime one and the developer, not a small one even if not the top 5. For prices, do register and take a look. In terms of the concept, I think if it’s really built as per what the picture shows, hey, this is indeed a nice one. My friend asked if I am buying one. I said, if only I have unlimited resources, why not. I do not, thus I have to skip this one for a more objective one, another rental property in KL instead. She said the location is very good but perhaps the marketing side has been understated. I told her that I agreed because until the day she told me, I have not come across this at all. Perhaps the developer can do slightly more marketing online, this will expand its potential market far wider than just Ipohans who are always wary of condos and favour landed properties instead.

times sqaureSecond news, a local developer, Team Keris launched Times Square Ipoh. As per reported, it is an integrated project comprising commercial, educational and retail outlets, and small offices, versatile offices (Sovo) units. The total GDV is RM1.2 billion. There are also 246 SOVO suites consisting of either a two or three room units priced from RM468,000 to RM700,000. This project is expected to be ready in 3 years and is a 16-storey building. Of course, this will be complemented by all the other elements of commercial, educational and retail too. The Times Square Ipoh is situated at the confluence of two roads, Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah and Jalan Raja Dihilir. Personally, I have not seen a Times Square which meets my tough requirements, both in Penang and KL. While these Times Squares are far from empty but I feel that if you call yourself Times Square, the direction of the mall must be clear and the tenant mix of a certain standard and must not attract just a certain segment of the market. Please visit Times Square of Penang and Times Square of KL and tell me what you think. 🙂   I still hope for the best for Times Square Ipoh because this is my hometown!

written on 13 Aug 2014

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