My favourite store, IKEA. Whether or not I am renovating.

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Has anyone who’s renovating their new home NEVER visited IKEA? Even if not buying actual stuffs, for the inspiration? I have not bought many things from IKEA. I feel that some of the items are really expensive and there are cheaper options. However, I bought a sofa bed recently and I can safely say that I am impressed with the quality thus far. My parents agree, my in-laws agree and even my friends agreed too. All of them have slept on it before when they stayed over at my new home. The mattress is firm enough and the body is sturdy too. Besides that, all those tiny little stuffs including a stainless steel pot which has become a favourite to my wife as our last one was just too flimsy.

ikeaIf you have no visited IKEA for a few weeks due to their renovation, it’s time to visit them again. they are now renewed! In fact according to them, now they have more localised products to cater to the local market. I am not sure if that’s a good thing but hey if IKEA can make that decision, perhaps they have thought of it before. I always feel the thing really cool about IKEA is that when you use IKEA items it makes you ‘European’. Haha. Today, IKEA has 51 room sets and three home designs that is reflective of the average Malaysian home size. In fact according to their Ikea Damansara Store Manager, all the new changes were taken from a study commissioned way back in 2012. It was to obtain insights into the real life situation of Malaysians to cater better to their needs.

There has been many copycat stores and some of them are actually pretty impressive. However, for those really impressive, the prices they charge are typically almost the same if not higher than IKEA and thus when that happens, I would still rather buy it in IKEA. Don’t forget, IKEA serves those delicious Swedish meatballs too! Also, nowadays you can find the similar stuffs IKEA sells outside too, talk about internationalisation. I visit IKEA stores many times every year, even when I am not renovating but just love to touch and feel some of the stuffs. Relaxes the mind and these days, I roams it with my baby daughter and my wife too. That’s called free entertainment.

Oh yeah, another new IKEA is going to open by 2020 in Batu Kawan Penang. I think Penangites are looking forward to it. I have many friends who drove all the way to Ikea Damansara, buys stuffs and drives it back to Penang! Yes, they are this crazy and I do not have just one but many of these ‘IKEA die-hard’ fans. For those who has yet to visit, time to visit. Perhaps we can arrange for a cup of coffee there too. Haha. Coffee is free refill anyway the last time I was there.

written on 14 Aug 2014

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