Ipoh airport gets Malindo too! Awesome.

Another piece of good news for my hometown Ipoh. It was reported in Bernama on the possibility of Malindo starting their services from the Sultan Azlan Shah airport in Ipoh. It said that Ipoh will be a hub to several new domestic and international destinations. The domestic ones are great but the international ones (Indonesia and Singapore) are the ones I am more interested in. Ipoh has many private hospitals but you cannot expect some of these patients to fly to KL and then take the coach to Ipoh for treatment right. Just like private university students who wants to study here in Ipoh can’t be flying to KL and then take the coach to Ipoh. It just do not make sense at all. I can go on but never mind, with this piece of good news, it will be enough for now. As for Singaporeans, especially the middle income ones, I think Ipoh would be one of the best places to really relax and yet still enjoy lots of great facilities such as sports stadiums, parks, cafes and everything else. Penang is good too but Ipoh offers SPACE.

malindoI have only taken Malindo once. Nothing special but nothing bad either. They give you a piece of cake and a small bottle of water. It’s enough for a short trip. What else do you want for that price? With Malindo, at least we have an additional choice because currently, the air fares, to and fro Singapore is very expensive! In fact I could fly to my Sandakan home easily with that kind of price. Sometimes, competition helps tremendously, keeping everyone alert. Of course, due to the size of the runway, Ipoh airport can only accommodate these smaller planes but think about if every hour, one of these lands? That would be a minimum of 8 flights in and 8 flights out per day. This would easily bring in 800 visitors per day or up to 300,000 per year. Not bad at all, from such a small number today.

I would not want to say Ipoh’s properties are cheap when compared to KL because if you want great locations, it is not that cheap either but when I talk about great locations, it is really prime and near to green lungs which you will feel comfortable to wake up each morning to. Plus all other conveniences just a drive away. In KL, when you take about green lungs. The food diversity is second to none unless you must have just char koay teow or laksa, then you would have to go to Penang.

written on 14 Aug 2014

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