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28BLVD – first 500 units, 80% sold. Affordable Small Units.

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After my article on shoe box unit by Oxley Holdings, a friend from the industry sent me additional information about another affordable development in Pandan Perdana. Personally, I am not an advocate of small units but if they are affordable and it meets your requirements for a roof over your head instead of renting all the time, then it may be worth considering. If however you are looking at low density of say 200 units per development, then you may stop reading here. Just prepare more money for those kind of development instead. If you are like me, needing a good internal space development and do not mind the high density, then you may read further. Note: I do not own a unit in the below project and at this moment has no plans to buy one.

Below is a sharing from Kevin Lim.

PLC_DropOff_wip03_140711 ViewingLounge_wip02_140710 PLC_Cabana_wip03_140711 PLC_Pool_Deck_wip03_140717 PLC_EnchantedTree_wip03_140721The development is called 28BLVD. The developer was the one who developed Marc Residence and for this development it is in collaboration with Mapletree of Temasek Singapore. It consists of 4 blocks as follows: 2 Studio at 450sf, and another 2 offering 2-5 bedrooms sized between 678 -1744 sq ft. There will be some retail component at the Ground Floor, with alfresco F&B outlets fronting the lake, for obvious reasons. The developer has taken pains to ensure a good product, within the relevant cost constraints, so we are confident buyers will receive good value for their ringgit.

It measures 11 acres of which 5 acres are land and the rest being the lake. It has good connectivity on account of the recently opened Besraya Eastern Extension leading to the old Istana and KL Sentral in less than 10 minutes. Needless to say, getting to KLCC is also reasonably easy when you are familiar with the inner roads of the residential areas. The developer will also donate shuttle bus to the MC to manage to provide transportation to the nearby LRT station. The nearest LRT station is Pandan Jaya. There would be an integrated station with the MRT at Maluri Station which is one station away from Pandan Jaya station.

In total, there will be 1,920 units. Some think this is too high densed but when you spread that out over the 11 acres, it is not that daunting. Further, with the number of units there, it translates into a self-sufficient community that stands alone without needing any additional commercial input from the vicinity. Having said that, the retail component is designed to embrace the surroundings and welcome them too. These retail units will be retained by developer to ensure the right tenant mix with the right business offerings. The developer is also replicating the success story of the spacious look and feel of the common areas, especially the main lobby, of Marc Residence in 28BLVD. Besides that, there will be very interesting facilities on offer that clearly set this project apart from the rest.

The Studios, single and two bedroom units will get one car park bay while the three and four will have two and the five will receive three car park bays. There will be 500 car park bays that are surrendered to the MC for operation with option to rent out to tenants, if there is a need.

There is no comparison for this project in the vicinity, with the lake frontage and the integrated approach. The developer is introducing a new way of life there which will certainly be a game changer for the entire Pandan area. The nearest comparison is Shamelin Star which is already charging RM750++ and does not have the same control or concept and specifications that 28BLVD offers. We believe this will significantly impact the market and are very excited about it.

Latest update: The developer released 500 units for the previews, of which 80% has been sold. They displayed the project model for the first time in Marc Residences Tower B Lobby over the past weekend but this is a temporary arrangement while waiting for the Sales Gallery and Show Suites to be completed. This arrangement is only up till this weekend, 17 August 2014.

Kevin Lim – Head, Marketing & Sales, Hartamas Real Estate Sdn Bhd  (kevinlim@hartamas.com)


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1 thought on “28BLVD – first 500 units, 80% sold. Affordable Small Units.”

  1. Let’s see if those sold are able to get the loan approved. Nowaday 50% loan got rejected. Means probably only 40% sold. And if 10% pull out, this means only 30% sold. Good luck selling 1344 units (70% unsold). 500 unit release is just tactic to get buyer excited.


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