Condo in Bintulu; The Peak. Get to know it firstlar.

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I have been to east Malaysia many times. Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Kuching, Miri, Tawau and many more. I have never been to Bintulu. I hope to be there one of these days. Seems that there are much growth there. Recently, I read about NAIM Land Sdn Bhd’s successful launch of their ‘The Peak’ condominium project in Bintulu, within its Bintulu Paragon integrated development. It is Sarawak’s tallest condominium tower at 34 stories high. According to Naim’s chief operating officer for Property Investment and REIT, Yong Kei Seng, “This demonstrates the resilience of Bintulu’s property market, primarily due to the economic development brought about by the Sarawak Corridor of Renewable Energy (SCORE) and the LNG Train 9 projects, presenting property investors with unique investment propositions. “This also highlights a change in preference in favour of affluent high rise living such as that offered by The Peak,” said Yong.

Many of my friends have NEVER been to east Malaysia but they have been to Vietnam, Myanmar and kept telling me about the wonders of those countries. About the friendliness of these people which I have very little doubt. Most of the time, visitors to Malaysia also said that we are friendly to them! I like east Malaysia because it is still developing or in some smaller towns, the pace of development is still slow enough that when you arrive, you feel that you have been transported back in time, yet still within Malaysia. I love the nature trails which are really engaging, try riding the small boat at the Semenggoh Nature Reserve with crocodiles still roaming around. (just 24km from Kuching).  Try snorkelling just 30 minutes away from Kota  Kinabalu at the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park.  There’s just so many attractions in east Malaysia that one must try before ever claiming so many amazing things about the other countries.

Coming back to Bintulu which I myself have never been. Some of the attractions I found online include the following. Similajau National Park, Council Negeri Memorial, Pasar Tamu, Pasar Malam, Kidurong Tower, Bintulu Promenade, Tanjung Batu Beach and more. This is more than enough for a good leisurely visit with my family in the near future. Famous food? There does not seem to ba a famous dish like Laksa for Penang or Kolo Mee for Kuching. However, there were many recommendations for good restaurants online that you may want to try.

Every time I visit Kuching I tell my wife we should get a condo there. Yet, every time we were there, it was always packed to the brim and we hardly have anytime to view any condo. Every time we go home to Sandakan, I try to view one condo but none has managed to attract me yet after I missed a good one 3 years ago which would have enabled me to earn a tidy profit last year. Sigh. After I visit Bintulu, Would I be saying that for Bintulu? Hard to say, will update after my visit there. Alternatively, I welcome sharing if you are familiar with the Bintulu Property market here. We learn together.

written on 13 Aug 2014

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