Appendicitis, Planning and Making Sure

It’s always easy to say, I should have seen this. I should have planned this earlier. I should have prepared for this. Well, it’s my turn today. should have prepared for this. It’s founder cum writer, cum admin, that’s me, myself and I was not feeling well since Sunday (3 Aug), thus many of the things I would normally do such as writing articles, sharing the articles in some selective pages were not done. I felt tired and was on MC, slept the whole day and when I arrived in Singapore for my business trip, was in no condition for one. Was hospitalized later on for appendicitis. Yes, that painful. Today, when I am fit enough to write this, it’s already 8th Aug.

Planning. Many friends asked about my wife and baby daughter since I am now here in Singapore and they are there in Malaysia. Fortunately it was always planned that every time I travel, my parents come and stay with us. My wife is now a full time housewife but (touch wood), if something really happens to me, I am covered by many insurances which I had bought earlier. This appendicitis reminded me the importance of really planning for something like that. I have friends who told me, if you think negatively, things will happen. Sorry, I think objectively, thus I must make sure I am ready if that happens and that my family is protected and must not burdened further about money. I am very sure my family including my brother and my sister can help etc but YOU must make sure you have done your part in planning.

Making Sure. If you have bought coverage for them, have you checked if the amount which is being covered is sufficient? Please do not think RM250,000 or RM500,000 is a huge amount because there is still the home loan to pay. Have you ensured overall, you are okay? Financial consultants would tell you, are you in the black? Really, if the purpose of your planning is to protect those whom you love, then it is of utmost importance that you do it wholeheartedly. After all, you need to do it just once. I miss my baby daughter a lot. I think she missed me too even if she’s closer to her ‘mama’. Just a casual reminder for you and me.

Written on 8th Aug 2014

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  • Vincent on August 11, 2014

    Can’t agree more…

  • Crystal Teh on August 11, 2014

    You are right. Prepare the umbrella before raining. We don’t know when the unluckily incident happen to us, better don’t. But if happen, at least, we planned it and could feel safe to take a rest to recover soon from sick without worry about financial issue for example loss of income, house loan and etc.

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