SEAPA Malaysia 2014 – Best Developer Award – Sunway Berhad

If you ask me what are the top three criteria I would consider before I buy a property, none of it would by the awards that the property developer has won. Seriously, I have not heard of many friends who buy a project because the developer has won lots of awards. If this is the […]

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Profit Up due to land sale, be reminded that it’s just for ONCE

These days, in some of the annual reports listed companies you read online, some claimed that they have huge profits increase. Some are even a few hundred percent increase compared to last financial year. Some said, they are unlocking value by selling the land that their factory is on. Some are plantation companies converting their […]

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Puchong’s CBD, Five (5) LRT stations within minutes away and Mah Sing.

My relative would be happy. My wife’s best friend would be happy. In fact many people would be happy because they like Puchong. Mah Sing is planning for a RM9.3 Billion project there. it would be an integrated development is Mah Sing’s largest integrated mixed development in Malaysia. Total size is pretty huge, 35.9ha (3.9 […]

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21% discount for properties in Iskandar? Or higher?

While I have heard of discounts by some developers, especially those who priced their properties way too high but this is the first time I read about a 21% discount reported in The Star today (30th Aug). It read, ‘Country Garden hasn’t raised its maximum discounts beyond 21% since launch day’. It said that if […]

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Property Fairs @ your competitor’s place?

As a developer, would you join a property fair at your competitor’s exhibition hall? I personally know of a few developers who would not. One of them rejected a property fair in Singapore because the good locations were no longer available. One developer said that they want to occupy the whole room out of the […]

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Four Tips as Successful Financial Consultant

I have always felt that irregardless of the field that you are in, as long as you work with passion, it will show in the results and soon you will be noticed and you will be successful in the field. I have a personal friend who was very successful as a financial consultant and he […]

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Increasing stock, Increasing vacant units and HDB prices dropped 6 months consecutively

I travelled to Singapore recently for a business trip. As usual, Singapore maintains its neat, clean and everything smooth image as soon as I touched down. I could see new flats being built and even a condominium being built right across the street from my office. I think the market must be doing well. I met […]

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Armanee Condo @ Damansara Damai, after 2 months.

When I first decided to move to KL, I asked my colleagues if it is worth buying in Sungai Buloh. I could see landed properties there still so cheap. Much cheaper than Penang where I have been based for the past 15 years. With their answers, I naturally looked around many areas which were highly […]

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Weakening demand for luxury condos, increasing prices for cheaper condos

Let me SMILE first. To many who have been reading for some time, you would understand why. I have always said that I do not feel that property prices are too high for all categories. It’s just too high for some while for the secondary market there are still many good choices. Now, let’s […]

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Kota Kinabalu Property, High-end on a growth cycle – Knight Frank

Reported in The Star on 7th August, Knight Frank estimated a new supply of 4,318 condominiums to be completed within the next three years. This would be the high-end residential units and it is thus on a growth cycle with demand at 2,000 per annum. If you look at this, number wise, it meant that […]

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