An Update of the RM299,000 condo in Penang. ‘Short cut’ offered.

Earlier, when I wrote about this: 800sf CONDOMINIUM for just RM299,000 – Better be quick it garnered a few thousand views within hours. This is an update. It seems that there are people who are trying to cheat applicants for these units of affordable properties. The modus operandi is that they will tell the people planning to buy these affordable units that they can get it if they pay bribes of between RM10,000 to RM30,000. Penang state executive councillor Jagdeep Singh Deo said that should the buyers receive such offers, they should lodge a police report immediately. The reason being, all the applications for the affordable units will be vetted by the eight-member panel in the Selection Process Enhancement Committee (SPEC) and this panel does not ask for any payment to secure the units.

aspenThis is a follow up from the developer’s complaints that some buyers are telling them of the existence of such a deal being offered. Yesterday, Aspen Group, the developer of Tri-Pinnacle, the affordable units lodged a police report. Tri-Pinnacle is a high rise project consisting of 1,247 units of affordable and low cost and low medium-cost units. These units can only be bought by first time home buyers whose household incomes meet the criteria set by the state government. Thus far, the state has received 5,721 applications from last year till 3rd July this year for the affordable units.

I hope this syndicate members are arrested soon. Personally, to all the buyers if you qualify, just apply. Since the state government promised transparency, there should be any hanky-panky by any buyer who feel that it’s their right to own the units and thus are gullible enough to believe and pay such amounts. For those who DO  NOT qualify, kindly do not try these ‘direct’ routes even if you are offered. Always remember, it takes two hands to clap. If you do not give, then the offer stops. If you know of others giving, report on them. If it is to start, it should start with you. I remember years ago, a colleague said that she offered bribe to the police because she was speeding. She said the police accepted. I asked her, if you are speeding, why not pay the fine? She however said that the police should not accept. Sigh…..

written on 24 July 2014

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