Property Investment? Buy ‘Beranang’! Where is that?!

beranangTwo years ago, a close friend asked if she should buy Beranang since SP Setia has started to buy land in Beranang. That was the first time I heard of Beranang. Recently, it was reported that Eco World is planning a RM3.5 Billion project in Beranang with the purchase of a piece of 492 acre land for RM225 million. Where exactly in Beranang? How about Ulu Langat, does it now sound more familiar? Anyway, a search in Wiki tells us that there are only a population of 3,000 in the town of Beranang. I have zero idea how real this number is but one of these days I should drive to Beranang. The map of Beranang, courtesy of Google Map shows where Beranang is. It is between the towns of Semenyih and Broga. Semenyih is more famous. This is where the Nottingham University is.

Personally, if you are a very strong supporter of these developers, you can proceed to buy and then, wait. However, if you are thinking of buying because you felt that the potential for capital appreciation is huge, I am not so sure about that. I seriously think capital appreciation of buying even places like Damansara Damai or Sungai Buloh may be better or at worse, more or less the same appreciation plus, you get to rent out if you could not sell at the price that you want. In fact, these two places are nothing more than 20km away from KLCC and everyone whom I met already tells me that the distance may kill them.

In terms of distance from KLCC, it is around 53km. This meant that if you stay there, you can only reach your working place in around 55 minutes as long as you leave your house at 6am latest. I think for those who really want a huge property for a smaller mortgage, as well as the fresh air and nature, Beranang may just be your sweet home. Other than this one important reason of a home sweet home, I would not be recommending this anytime soon. For those who are very sure, I think it is okay. Buying properties from these reputable developers meant that the potential to lose money is typically low.

written on 14th July 2014

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    • Potential to lose money is low in Beranang because you unable to sell later due to distance too far. Paper loss yes. Losing real money no because you unable to sell.

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