Ipoh, Movie Animation Park Studio is coming!

Another new attraction will be opened in Ipoh by end of 2015. That’s just 16 months away. It is a Movie Animation Park Studio (MAPS) and it would be Asia’s first animation theme park. As per Business Times, the animation park would cost RM390 million and is a joint venture by Sanderson Project Development Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Perak Corporation Berhad. This should boost the tourism in Ipoh, specifically.

Today whenever I ask my friends to visit Ipoh, those who know me would not dare talk about just the Taugeh Chicken or even Foh San Dim Sum. Briefly, I am not against these two but Ipoh dim sum, there are many very good ones and there’s no need to queue up 30 minutes to get a seat! As for Taugeh Chicken, it’s good but do you know that diversity in great food is Ipoh’s plus point and not just one? Okay, let’s not argue about food. Just agree with me, Ipoh has food diversity worth your time and money.

MAPSIpoh has no prominent theme parks thus far. Thus, the typical choices would be to drive to KL for Sunway or to Bukit Merah for the water park. Honestly, I have gotten a little tired and Bukit Merah has gotten a little jaded, there has not been huge changes. Sunway is good but if you have been there over 6 times, I think it’s time for a change. Ipoh would have its very own MAPS.

Okay, there’s also Sunway’s Lost World but that’s more water based. MAPS is more of a dry park and this will complement Sunway’s Lost World very well. At least now, if you really want you can come on Saturday, enjoy the MAPS, eat till you ‘half drop’, stay a night and the next day visit the water theme park and relax before eating till you ‘half drop’ again and then arrive home just in time for your dinner. Why not?

What’s in MAPS? There would be nine themed retail outlets, more than 40 attractions including 24 world-class rides and 4D theatre, a 5D simulator, an outdoor canopy ride, a motion simulator, a tower drop and a car stunt show. Car stunt show sounds very interesting as I have not seen anything like it thus far. Hopefully it would be those cars which are driven tremendously fast and jumps over a long row of car! That would be worth going.

However, to be very honest, the demand is not going to come from the few planes flying into Ipoh’s airport which is virtually unknown to many. The demand would come from those who drive in. Cities which are 2 hours away or 3 hours at max. Most of Perak smaller towns, Penang, Sungai Petani, Klang Valley and perhaps furthest may be Malacca. I think this may just work. Just ensure the maintenance is always given priority and I think we may have another great attraction for Ipoh.

written on 14 July 2014

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7 thoughts on “Ipoh, Movie Animation Park Studio is coming!”

  1. Hi Chialih,

    That is a great news to those who invest or stay in Ipoh, as more and more attraction is coming by, that is really good for business divesify, Malaysia should have broader place with this kind of attraction to attract more tourist. it seems that a good trend in business strategy takes place. that will benefit all by diversifying more business for better country revenue.

  2. Should have built at iskandar johor…cause this theme park is much more fun and adult-based than the boring children legoland. U can get more revenue with the singaporeans too …

    • Elentar, more fun, more revenue if built in Iskandar, I have to agree. But I still want it in Ipoh because I m from Ipoh. Just hope it is well maintained.

  3. I don’t think this will work. Malaysian normally don’t drive long distance to go to theme park. Not like USA where driving long distance to theme park is fun thing to do. 2~3 hours to theme park? Let’s see: 1)HOT 2)TOLL 3)TIRED 4)PETROL. Not to mention in 2015, GST already implemented. Household debt already 86.6% will be devastated by GST. Economic downturn in 2015 is already predicted by many. Probably this theme park will closed down in 2016. As others said, Iskandar will work because a lot of tourist from Singapore and Indonesia will drop by. Not to say they won’t go to Theme Park in Singapore. But still.

    • I would like to think it will work. We shall see by end 2016. At least fifty visitors would from me n my friends. GST is a good long term measure. It will not be detrimental to the economy. Current tax system meant too many loopholes especially the rich ones. I personally like GST. Waiting for the implementation.

      • I’ve a number of friends drove to Ipoh just to go to Lost world of Tambun, Sunway, a water theme park in Ipoh just in case anyone of you doesn’t know what is that 🙂 Of course, they went for makan trip in Ipoh as well. Of course, we shall wait for the implementation.

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