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IOI City Mall, New Tenants and Opening Nov 2014!

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I love new malls. Even if I may only be going there once, it is okay. Another new mall is opening in November 2014. IOI City Mall. Ever wondered why they use the word ‘city’? This tells us that these malls serve the community nearby the mall. Typically these malls are built within an integrated development whereby the developers promised all the buyers that everything they ever needed or wanted can be found within the development. There is no need to drive far away for anything they needed to buy. I love Setia City Mall slightly more than Paradigm Mall. I think I will visit this mall in November and report. IOI City Mall has a net lettable area of 1.35 million sq ft. profile,” said Fischer.

ioiTesco would be there, with their fresh food hypermarket and making first appearance would be Thailand’s Home-improvement brand, HomePro. These days, we see many of these DIY stores becoming more prominent in every mall and I think this has to do with the fact that the people nowadays are more used to doing stuffs on their own plus…. saves quite a lot. I remembered calling the plumber and he said, no matter what happens, the minimum charge is RM50. Anyway, I am not a DIY person, so the final bill was much more than that. One day it may be so expensive that you better DIY.

The most important milestone for any mall would always be over 80%. This is not anyone’s standard but my personal standard. Imagine if you are visiting a mall for the first time and only 50% of the retailers are open. Would you go again? Chances are, not likely unless there are no other malls nearby which is impossible these days. The problem is, you would even put in your Facebook status that the so-so mall is not worth going and this made the potential visitors shun the mall and this made it even harder for the mall to attract more retailers. After a while, you can see certain malls start to lose their will to maintain as the earning meant they cut this and that. IOI City Mall has exceeded this Charles’s standard easily. Already at minimum of 85%.

This mall is part of the IOI Resort City of 320-acre which in the future would also have developments such as IOI City Hotel, IOI City Office Towers and even other high-rise towers, lakefront and park offices, villas, condominiums, serviced apartments and even townhouses. Worth visiting? Date is 10th November. Set your ‘calendar’ then. Perhaps can arrange for a latte session there too. 🙂

written on 13 July 2014

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  1. P14 resident
    P14 resident

    I believe this new Mall will give a long needed Boost to Southern Corridor! Putrajaya population in increasing too and really need viable alternative to Alamanda..

    July 16, 2014
    • Yes, I agree with your view too. It should give a boost.

      July 16, 2014

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