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Hijau E-Komuniti, Penang’s answer to affordable homes

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11,800 units of affordable properties of which the highest priced ones would only be RM400,000? Yes, that’s being built in Penang. It’s not within the island but in the mainland, near to the second bridge. Thus, it is now possible to stay at a good place, for an affordable price and commute to and fro to work within 30 minutes. Yes, it is true, once everyone uses the bridge and more developments come up, the 30 minute goal will be harder but the price is half of what is available in Penang, what’s extra 20 minutes when it really happen? Details are as follows:

Message from the state government:

Gateway to Penang… & Beyond
Following the completion of Sultan Abdul Halim Mu’adzam Shah (Second Penang Bridge) in March 2014, it is no exaggeration to say that Batu Kawan is poised to emerge as one of Penang’s most rapidly developing regions in the coming years. A 20-minute drive through the 2nd Penang Bridge brings you to Bayan Lepas, Penang’s main industrial hub. Additionally a wide range of amenities and facilities including schools, wet markets, banks, health clinics, hypermarkets and other industrial parks are only within a short drive away from Hijau E-Komuniti.
hijau2 hijau
I read in forums of some comments such as 11,800 units are too high density. Some even compared it to Penang island’s N park and said that he would not be buying one. I think the answer to these people is simple. If you area already staying in a good area, good sized condo and low density, then I am not sure why you would still want to go and comment in a forum for Penangites who just want a roof over their head and does not mind the slightly higher density. The design is also based on a Singaporean company which has wide experience with HDB flats in Singapore. I have never heard of people saying HDB flats are too high density.
Eligibility:Only eligible applicants will be registered. Eligibility requirements are as follow:-i) Malaysian citizen.
ii) Penang-born working in Penang and a registered voter in Penang or; Residing in Penang for at least 5 years from the date of application and a registered voter in Penang.
iii) Aged 21 years and above as at the date of application.
iv) Income not exceeding RM2,500 for Low Cost (husband and wife).
v) Income not exceeding RM3,500 for Low Medium Cost (husband and wife).
vi) Income not exceeding RM6,000 for Affordable Homes priced at RM200,000 (husband and wife).
vii) Income not exceeding RM8,000 for Affordable Homes priced at RM300,000 (husband and wife).
viii) Income not exceeding RM10,000 for Affordable Homes priced at RM400,000 (husband and wife).
ix) For Low Cost/Low Medium Cost applications, the applicant and spouse must not own any property in any state in Malaysia; For Affordable Housing applications, the applicant and spouse must not own any property in any state in Malaysia except Low Cost homes.

More information needed? Here:   http://www.pmm.gov.my/

written on 4 July 2014

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1 thought on “Hijau E-Komuniti, Penang’s answer to affordable homes”

  1. hi, the affordable home is actually available in both island and mainland.
    For Island : Range from RM200K (800sqft), RM300K (900sqft) and RM400K (1000sqft)
    For Mainland : Range from RM168K (900sqft) and RM220K (1000sqft)
    So if you are pointing to the 11800 units E-komuniti in Batu Kawan, the most is priced at RM220K. Its actually fit for the name “Affordable Home”.
    For a full list of Affordable Home in Penang, please refer below :
    Great Days 🙂


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