That ‘extra’ feel good factor in Ipoh by Ernest Zacharevic

That ‘extra’ feel good factor just got an extra push in Ipoh thanks to the famous wall painter, Ernest Zacharevic. He did not paint just one or two but Seven new pieces in Ipoh city. Okay, first of all this adds nothing to the price of property nearby or even the one which he painted on. However, always understand that ‘feel good’ factor is something in the mind and these pieces would attract flocks of picture takers, all with their own special way. What all these does for Ipoh is this. 100 people shared these photos in their Facebook, 1,000 people saw it and half went to take the pictures themselves. What happens next is Ipoh city becomes much more talked about rather than just the usual dry curry mee or the white coffee topics. In my next trip home, I will bring my baby daughter along, that’s for sure. Enjoy:

ernest4 ernest3 ernest2 ernest1

Sometimes though I wonder, why don’t we give a few walls to each of the Art colleges in Ipoh for their contribution to Ipoh? Is it because we fear that they may not be good enough? Seriously, the paintings by Ernest really reflects the charms of the culture, of the people in Ipoh. The question in my mind is therefore, shouldn’t locals know as well as him or better? Perhaps even invite him to be a judge as to which of the wall paintings done by these students best reflect the message about what the community or the culture in Ipoh has to offer?

Thank you Ernest, from the bottom of my heart. Please come again. Perhaps the next painting may just be the food diversity in Ipoh which many have overlooked simply because many of the international critics have no easy way to travel to a city called Ipoh.

written on 28 June 2014

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