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On 23 June 2014, outranked in Singapore. I thought that was fantastic even if it is not within my own country. Today (24 June 2014), I am ecstatic to announce that is very slightly ahead of both the other top 20 property sites in Malaysia; and   I know, ahead of them by that tiny little bit means nothing but I still have to write this so that I would remember this day for some time to come.

Both and are major property websites in Penang. In fact whenever you want to know about some of the latest projects which are happening in Penang, both sites give you a very good reference point. Their ranking is very stable and is below 2,000 for most of the time due to the stable visitor numbers. As for, it has only just breached the sub 2,000 ranking in June. No idea how long this can be maintained but my promise is, will continue with my writing and sharing about property issues here in Malaysia and occasionally out of Malaysia.

Thank you all for your support here in Malaysia. I am happy to have contributed that tiny little extra to your property investment decision.

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