Quill City Mall, my FAVOURITE mall even before it opens

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For those who are not familiar with Jalan Sultan Ismail or Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman or perhaps Tune Hotel, KL you would not know much about Quill City Mall. Quill City Mall will be open towards the end of 2014. As per reported in The Star, it has achieved an occupancy rate of 70% and is aiming towards 80-85% before the mall opens. This is an important milestone because its buyer, EPF will only buy the mall if it achieves 70% tenancy before it opens. The mall is at this moment, 98% complete.

Actually, can KL sustain more malls? Who would be visiting Quill City Mall? If you are working nearby, you would know that once it opens, it is within walking distance of many office buildings of banks, insurance companies and many more. The only disadvantage I can see might be the effect it will give to Maju Junction which even today is not fully occupied as yet and in terms of visitors, it is nowhere called as ‘packed’. Besides this, Quill City Mall is has a monorail station right next to it, the Medan Tuanku Station. This will definitely help a lot in attracting more visitors especially those who are within the monorail loop.

This mall has a total lettable area of 800,000 square feet. In comparison, Paradigm Mall by WCT has a total lettable area of 700,000. Tropicana Mall has a total lettable area of 450,000. You can thus see that Quill City Mall is considered a big neighbourhood mall and it is even only about 25% smaller than Suria KLCC. Size aside, the design and the brands available are very important as well. For those who followed me, you would know that while Paradigm Mall was right next to my previous home, I liked Setia City Mall more despite it being 30 minutes away. Quill City Mall however already have a brand I like; AEON. To me, this represents a good brand and AEON has many supporters through its loyalty card programme which is always free every year because the points accumulation are easy and there are lots of promotions / sales throughout the year.

I await the opening and would gladly walk over during lunch time.

written on 19 June 2014

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2 thoughts on “Quill City Mall, my FAVOURITE mall even before it opens”

  1. Hi, how do you find Quill City Mall now? Because the tenant occupancy rate does not even reach 70%… Traffic of the mall is a threat to the tenants there.

    • Hi Sarbina, Quill City Mall has been open for one year plus. While I am not sure when is the renewal but in terms of number of shops open, there are today more shops than when it was first opened. Some restaurants remain empty during lunch while some restaurants are full of people. I personally like the two Korean restaurants there and I think one is normally full during lunch. Crowd wise, it can be much better but today, no matter which shopping mall I visit it is quite clear that the crowd is much lesser. Perhaps due to too many malls, perhaps because of negative sentiment. Seriously, if a business is resilient, it will survive even during tough times. However, during slower times, all those half-past six businesses would definitely be shutting down soon. I do not think Quill City Mall will close down anytime soon. Perhaps the best sign would be when the renewal comes. We will see who renews and who does not…

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