Not too far, Not too high, RM700,000 in 3 years

I have just moved into my new place, Armanee @ Damansara Damai. No, not the seven figure condo. This one is just slightly above half a million. The size is around 1,750sf. Yes, this is the area which everyone said, ‘wah so far’, ‘that area ah, not good ler’ or the best one for me, ‘you will pay RM1.60 everytime you go home.’ Yea, I know but do you think I would need to pay extra RM400,000 for toll in say 10 years? The reason being, for this size, in majority of whatever famous areas, it is at least RM1,000,000 or higher. There are many reasons why I bought it. Of course, first reason definitely is because my budget does not allow me to buy too high. There’s no need to smile. I am the only breadwinner today. My wife is a full time housewife and she said to everyone, ‘I will no longer return to the corporate world’. So, budget must be managed wisely. She likes the place a lot and my baby daughter who normally stays close to us whenever we are at a new place was walking here and there by herself when we brought her to the place for the first time just before we moved in. So, I think this they call, good fengshui. 🙂   Anyway, following are my three reasons which I think you may want to consider if this is going to be your home. Note: No speculation please, you will fail, I believe.

wpid-img20140606075011.jpg wpid-img20140606074840.jpg wpid-img20140606074807.jpg wpid-img20140606074854.jpg wpid-img20140606075748.jpgNot too far. From my old place, Kelana Puteri, in the morning, I needed between 16-18 minutes to arrive at the gym. Yes, I try to stay healthy. At my new place, it takes me 23-26 minutes. An increase of between 7-8 minutes. I can accept it. For the trip home, with the jams etc, it normally takes me 45 minutes to reach my home from office. Now, it takes me around 40 minutes. I save 5 minutes there. So, you can see, it really is not that far. 🙂 My office is in downtown, near SOGO / Tune Hotel / Maju Junction.

Not too high. I will be honest. Anything above half a million is definitely not considered low. However, yes, it is still affordable. Coupled with the size, it’s called great value. There are lots of places you can buy with RM540,000 but if size is important to you, then nothing even comes close to Armanee @ Damansara Damai. This gives it a price psf of RM308. I know, for bigger units, the price psf is supposed to be lower but RM308 psf, today? 🙂

RM700,000 in 3 years. Yes, this should be the price I will sell three years down the road. As long as everything happens as what it should. Maintenance continue to be good and new developments continue to come, especially the one they call ‘Damansara Sutera’ which is right next to Damansara Damai. I think it’s great that some developer is trying to rebrand Damansara Damai with a classier name. Oh yeah, what’s price per sf if it hits RM700,000? RM400 psf. A price which is not just impossible to get today but impossible to get three years down the road too.

If you have a family, just like me, wants a huge condo which the maintenance until today is still acceptable. The pools are cleaned on time. The rubbish bins are always cleared in the morning. There are guards in every block, around the condo, one full time stationed right next to the pool and everyone of them greet you, then you may want to just view it.

Nearly forgotten, the bad points? It’s too far. It’s too expensive for that area. It’s everything you cannot find if you buy in Kelana Jaya. Oh yeah, they say, there’s jam as well due to the one access road in and out. I am sure there are places in KL where there’s MANY access roads and there’s NO JAM. I am very sure. Happy searching for your dream home. As at now, I found mine.

written on 6 June 2014

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  • Lee on June 9, 2014

    Yr new residence looks really good….enjoy yr sweet home.

  • Bartholomew on June 9, 2014

    Good buy bro. I visited this place 4 years ago, but my salary wasn’t able to get the loan. The resort style concept and the securities provided are really up to mark for the price you have bought.

    • chialih on June 9, 2014

      Thk you Bartholomew. Yes, my wife like the park especially.

  • John on June 11, 2017

    Found this article as my friend just bought a 1645sqf unit there. Just realised this article was three years back, unfortunately the price of this condo doesn’t appreciate as what you had expected and I would say it even has slight depreciation. My friend bought his unit for 470k only.

    • charles on June 11, 2017

      Good for your friend John. Hope he likes it. My colleague failed to get a unit just few mths back tho he offered 540k. It depends on actual condition too. Many units are original unit. Imagine 10 year project n original unit. Not best combination. You can c all the actual transaction prices too. cheers!

    • charles on June 11, 2017

      Sorry. It is happy looking John.

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