Malaysian Properties @ Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

Friends in Singapore who’s a Malaysian who wants to buy Malaysian properties but it is somehow a little crazy to fly to Penang, look at a few properties and fly back and then fly to Klang Valley and then fly back, there’s a nice show for you. Do drop by PropertyGuru’s show in Marina Sands Begonia room. According to the EDM sent out earlier, there’s over 20 projects for your viewing over there and rest assured, they will be giving to you enough information for you to consider or make a decision. There are also talks by many prominent speakers, some I know, some I do not. Just learn from all of them.


pgmyFor Penangites who think they want to shake the hand of the Penang Chief Minister, well he’s also delivering a speech there. I think for an event, you can’t get any bigger than this for having the Chief Minister dropping by an event so far away from his home state and deliver a speech. Listen to his speech about the potential of Penang, especially to genuine investors who are looking at long term. His speech is expected on Sunday from 10am onwards. Thus, do drop by after your breakfast. Nothing to lose and everything to gain. For full details, you may refer here:


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