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Every 2 years, I drop by Melaka. For it’s second to none Nyonya food choices. For its only authentic Portuguese food. For its Gula Melaka Cendol and many more. There’s always a headache. I normally go during holidays and during this time, the jam is terrible. The worst I have ever experienced was 4 hours! What if there’s now a feasibility study for ERL to be extended from KLIA to Malacca? Ok, what has it got to do with me since it is unlikely that I would drive to KLIA, park my car there and take the ERL. Let’s not forget that every time I go Melaka I always have the urge to buy a property there. Perhaps this ERL may just fasten my decision. We shall see.

melakaIn the The New Straits Times report, the rumoured ERL extension will cost RM8 billion andsome government sources quoted as saying that there could be two to four stations including a stop in Seremban. Total distance from KLIA to Malacca? 90-100km. At a speed of 160km / hour and a stop of 10 minutes, the total journey would still take less than 1 hour. This is indeed a huge plus point for Malacca and the attractiveness of Malacca has suddenly upped a few notches. The decision maker? Feasibility study by SPAD. (Public Transport Commission)

This ERL would not just fasten the journey but it will also help lessen some of the congestion. The reason being people in Seremban can now choose to take the ERL and not drive. Yes, now you know why this is relevant to me. I can now drive since the number of cars on the road to Melaka would reduce when some of them take the ERL instead from Seremban. From once every two years, it may be once per year and if I really do get a place there, it may even be few times every year. Ok, my next trip would include property viewing. No rush, the feasibility study may take some time.

written on 30 May 2014

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